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Gerard Butler GALS

Warm wishes to carry through the cold weather

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It's early morning here. Almost 3am on a bitterly cold morning in Kansas. I'm at work, alone in a dimly lit office, surrounded by the hum of the bloodbank refridgerators and freezers. On nights like this one, I cheer myself up by watching various videos of you. I can't begin to express how much I appreciate you, as a person, and an actor. Your smile lightens my spirit and warms my heart. Your talent amazes me still. It's been a long time since I first discovered you on the Silver Screen, and you manage to suprise me every time another movie is released.

I turn 38 on Saturday, and despite being nearly middle age, something simple as a picture or a new interview can make me feel like a giddy teenager. Your movies have made me laugh, made me swoon, made me cry, and made me rage right along with the characters you portray with such passion and enthusiasm. I guess I just wanted to say thank you. If I could hug you tight, and give you well wishes in person it still wouldn't be enough. It seems sorely inadequate, for the good feelings and escapist moments you have provided me over the 12 or so years.

May your year be even better than the last, and may you continue to be blessed with success. Moreover, may you find love and happiness within easy reach.

Even if you never see these words, it makes me feel better knowing they are out in the world.

Stay warm Gerry.

xoxo Stacey :wuv:

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