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Oh you ladies are so funny!

May, the subject of Erik's age was not what was getting us off topic. But us discussing what my Master likes to listen to and compose was.

Kathy, get used to it! I think I'm gonna like having my Master to spar with :D

Oh and Master....I too am looking forward to your thoughts on Sir Webber's new musical.

Good show, Deb. I'm going to check in often to see who is winning!! :)

~HUGS~ Kathy

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I'm afraid I'm still on the fence about LND. There are only a few songs I like, and there are several I skip over on the sound track. I would still like to see it for myself, but based on what I already know about the plot, there are just too many problems with the initial story. Maestro Erik, do you like any of the songs from LND? I have to admit that I love the melody and orchestrations for BAMS (but the lyrics need work). I appreciate your opinion.


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:reddeath2:Maestro Erik;it is always good for the body and soul if one keeps an open mind.Genius is as Genius does and I doubt that there are many like Andrew around to make as many hit plays and musical contributions to the stage alive in London today. Love Never Dies needs some work; but I have faith in Andrew despite his illness; to set things right.I would never presume to criticize a master of his stature..Having said that; some day I hope to see this sequel...
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Has the news reached you that Love Never Dies is to close in August?

:unsure:Is it just going on hiatus or for good?!? Maybe Andrew is sick again? I hope not...but with all the pressures of this new show and it's critics; it can take it's toll on someone's health...
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I went to the source that announced it but it wasn't clear whether it was for good. It's still playing in Australia. It's a shame because it had some wonderful music and sets but I just don't think the twist of the characters was believable enough. Maybe ALW is going to go back to the drawing board on it and after taking a hiatus, bring it back and hopefully, to Broadway.


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Posted Image

Phantom Sequel Love Never Dies Closing In UK: Will It Ever Open In The US?

LND's closing in UK!

You know your sequel’s a flop when it closes before the original. Though Andrew Lloyd Webber‘s Phantom Of The Opera is still running in London’s West End after almost 25 years, Webber’s long-heralded follow-up Love Never Dies has announced plans to close this August, less than 2 years after its March 2010 debut. Like a certain Spider-musical that just opened on Broadway, Dies was in the works for over a decade (Webber first announced it in 1990!), opened to horrible reviews and closed for a period to allow for major re-tooling.

Love Never Dies was announced to open on Broadway in 2010 before Webber was diagnosed with cancer, pushing the date to Spring 2011. When the UK show turned out to be less than a smash, Dies‘ US run was delayed indefinitely. An Australian version with big changes just opened to decent reviews, and if that one has legs, Dies may well join Phantom—the longest running musical in Broadway history—on the great white way. But with the industry still enduring its superhero headache, you can bet everyone’s willing to wait a while before risking another big fiasco.

[Photo: Getty Images]

Love Never Dies

'Phantom of the Opera' sequel, 'Love Never Dies,' well, dies in the U.K.

by Aubry D'Arminio

Categories: Stage/Theater

Image Credit: Catherine Ashmore

The London production of Love Never Dies, Andrew Lloyd Webber’s follow-up to his über successful Phantom of the Opera, will shutter on August 27 after only 18 months, according to Variety. The musical — which takes its main character from a Paris opera house to the Coney Island fairground — opened in March 2010 to mostly scathing reviews (our critic called it “a rehashed parade of pastiches and throbbing crashing chord melodies”) and low sales, but trundled on despite having to close for four days for a quick retooling.

The Broadway incarnation, which was first scheduled to open in November of last year, was delayed until spring of 2011 due to Webber’s struggle with prostate cancer. Months later, it was postponed indefinitely. No word yet on the fate of the $9 million Australian production, which opened on May 28 to better reviews, and is reportedly significantly different than its English sister.

:detect:After so many awards and accolades this is truly a mystery! Sad so sad...**May**

Edited by may
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I know this is old news, but I wanted to just mention a few things. I think you have every right to be disappointed in the London musical. It's not very good at all. However, don't judge the sequel to Phantom by that alone. If you haven't already, look up the Australian version on Youtube. In my opinion, that production was excellent! I think you'll enjoy it. Anna O'Byrne (Christine) has a beautiful voice, and while Ben Lewis (the Phantom) isn't as pure as Ramin (the London Phantom), he reminds me a lot of Gerry and does the Phantom justice. Personally, I'd like to see Schumacher come back and do the sequel with his original cast (Gerry, Emmy, & Patrick). I think it'd be nice a challenge for Gerry vocally, and I'd like to see his Phantom come back again. :)

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Yes, this is very old news. It is also a hot button among the fans.

There are other threads discussing Love Never Dies here.




I was fortunate enough to see LND in London. I loved everything about it!

I also saw the Melbourne production. I did not like this version at all. IMO Ben Lewis' interpretation of Erik was out of character from any other version I had seen (Webber's POTO). Anna O'Byrne was a fair Christine. I did not like the plot change in regards to Phantasma. In London, it focused on Erik's creativity and his artistic creations, in Melbourne it was staged as a freak show (WTH are those things in the glass tanks??) There was NO chemistry between Erik and Christine, and I certainly did not get the feeling that these two were destined to love one another.

I don't hold out much hope for a Broadway production. But, if there ever is I will see that too.

I was a strong supporter of Webber and this musical long before it made it to any stage. I still am.

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