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Update: Vocalist Chosen!

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I’m looking for a young female Classical/Crossover artist in a Mezzo to Soprano range (late teens-early 20′s) to record one song for a CD of all original music.. The CD we are creating is a soundtrack for my Phantom of the Opera based novel, Chanson de l’Ange, and the song you would be recording is called The Bleeding Rose; an original piece with words and melody written by me, and the orchestral accompaniment composed by my son. There are no royalties involved but I am able to pay a small one time up-front fee. If that’s something or someone you know would be interested in, may I suggest that you check out some of our music here: http://www.chansondelange.com

We need someone who can record using their own equipment, and then work back and forth with my son on production via internet and digital files.

The Bleeding Rose will have a classical flavor with a few gypsy influenced instruments; Spanish guitar, accordion, gypsy violin. It is a highly romantic and hauntingly beautiful art song.

The entire CD will feature all original music, both vocal and instrumental. We have another song that is being recorded by an up and coming pop/R&B singer; a guest violinist, and one vocal sung by me.

We will be marketing the CD through my website and Cdbaby, and it will receive exposure primarily through Phantom of the Opera, book readers, and theater communities.

If you are interested or know of someone who might be, please let me know!

Thank you!


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I just have to share that I have gotten some wonderful responses and now have several singers who could record the song! Some truly beautiful voices! I'm so excited to include some guest artists on my CD. We just cut the deal with the pop/r&b vocalist who will be recording Firelight Through Diamonds, the song I just wrote the lyrics for yesterday. So as it stands now there will be 3 vocal pieces:

Chanson de l'Ange: sung by me

The Bleeding Rose: sung by the vocalist I am looking for now

Firelight Through Diamonds: sung by the pop/r&b singer we've lined up

Plus, Nathan is working on getting a Russian violinist he knows and a cellist to record on a few tracks.


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