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Gerard Butler GALS

The Appreciation of Life....

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Dearest Gerry and Constituents!

I have expierienced this close call with Mortality! I was involved in a car accident in which another's irresponsible soul ran a red light, while texting and formed my car like a horseshoe! I am even lucky to be here on the superior side of the Earth! Life is so fleeting! And one never knows when it is one's time to check out? How grateful I am for the beauty of Life and the opportunity to breathe another breath upon Life's Mortal Playground! I am indeed humbled in this arena! The passion and beauty that doth allude most has captured me, discovering me embraced within such residence,residing upon a plateau that stakes ownership within the Highlands of Scotland! My soul longs for such a place!!!!

My dearest and most ethereal thoughts in Love and War!,


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