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Gerard Butler GALS

A Place to Stay/Los Angeles

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Hello California GALS! :wave:

Some may know me but most may not since I have taken myself to only phantomely stalking the boards more than lately. So first of all if you're reading this, then :kiss: THANK YOU! Lol, I know threads tend to get lost here on the board. :D I am an actress that an opportunity has just jumped excitedly on her lap like a playful puppy! It's a One to Two month acting seminar under William Wallace to work and study among many Hollywood directors/actors. I'm applying to it and since it's a very competitive program there are only 5 Texas Actors to be accepted into it. The only thing is it's in Los Angeles and I live in Texas. :bonk: The program itself is a bit expensive around $1400. Sooooo, I am wondering if any of you Cali GALS would be willing to open your home to me. I would pay of course if needed and am a clean, quiet, modest GAL (for the most part :kisswink: ). I can tell y'all more about myself for those of you who don't know me and can even send some pictures. This is a once in a lifetime opportunity for me, and would love to have a GALfriend nearby to share the experience with. My email is dgcates@yahoo.com for anyone who wants to personally contact me.

Much love


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Cool! Congratulations Di! :pointy:

I don't live in California but I'd vouch for you sweetie! Di was my roomie last year at the con in Vegas and is a real sweetheart.

Good luck with the acting gig/school!



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I've known Di for almost 6 years and I'll vouch for her too! She is an awesome gal!

Good luck Di....keep us posted on how you make out!

Hugs, Poppy

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