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In Memorium: Member RutieB


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We received an email from RuthieB's friend Marilee today:

I am sorry to announce that GALS member and extreme Gerry fan Ruthie

Becker passed away last month. She was active in several GB sites and

I'm sure there are a number who remember her.

Her family is hosting a memorial service on Saturday, May 21, 1 p.m. at Gervais High School in

Gervais, Oregon, where she taught. A number of us who loved Ruthie for her enthusiasm and quirky

sense of humor will be attending. The service is open to anyone who wishes to go.

Gerry was such a big part of Ruthie's life and the people that she met through him.

Thanks again for your concern. God bless Gerry and his GALS.

If anyone wants details please email me and I will pass on Marilee's email so that you may contact her directly.

Ruthie was more of a 'lurker' than 'poster' here at GALS, but she will be missed.

Our prayers, thoughts and sympathy to Ruthie's family and friends.

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I had the honor of meeting Ruthie as part of GB.net way back in 2007. She was a wonderful lady and I am so sorry and very shocked to read this bit of news. Prayers are being said for her and her family, although a bit late.

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I am so very sad to hear about Ruthie's passing. We met because of Gerry, and we had some great times getting together with other Gerry fans. I was actually just thinking about her recently, remembering the Gerry doll pictures were took outside her place, and how much she laughed over it! She will be missed.


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Any Gerry fan is a friend of mine. I didn't know her personnly, but

I know from others that she was a fine person.

She and her family will be in my prayers tonight.


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Did she have another name that she went by on the sites? Sometime we go by other names such as 02bher or Timeflies or Chachababy...Perhaps I would recognize her online name?

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