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Gerard Butler GALS

No Underwear?


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:dance: :inlove: :dance: :dance:

I have a date with half a dozen kilts this

weekend and I will be very ladylike

in the midst of all the MacDreamies.

whoa as Keanu would say... so many

tartans so little time. Jamie me lad,

why do ye have to be fictional?

Actually, they are paifect gentlemen-

more's the pity but the flirting alone

is fuel for my fantasies...


:kiss: :wub:

Hiya Donna!

Long time no talk! I'm so glad that kilts will be in your MacDreamies this coming weekend! I think that you need a bumper sticker with your new saying, "So Many Tartans, So Little Time..." :heat:

Big Hugs,


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Like someone said in Harry Potter, perhaps they like a healthy breeze around their privates?

Do you remember which book? I don't remember that line.....who said it? (I bet you didn't think there would be a test, did you???)

*I'm a HUGE Harry fan....*


Lori in atl :lalala:

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It's in the fourth book at the world cup, when the kids were getting water. Two guys are talking about it, can't remember who!

Probably Fred and George! Thanks, I'll look it up....I'm sure my daughter can remember...she has, like, a photogenic memory....hahaha.....I meant photographic!

Lori in atl :lalala:

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As you can tell I am new to the site and I just found this thread. It made my morning. I have learned so much. Why nothing under the kilts. I love Craig F's response when asked what Scotsmen where on their kilts and he said "On a good day lipstick"

I learned the difference between nude and naked. I do have to agree that nude to me makes me think of art pieces and naked is a little more naughty. I don't think I would ever use either one with someone. I would come up with a sexier way of saying Let's take it off :;):

I am finally getting to go to Scotland next year, Hopefully, I have been laid off from work and trying to find a new job. Since Scotland is a year away I am hoping that nothing will ruin it with a new job. I have wanted to go there for sooo long. I am half Scottish and half Irish so I have wanted to go to Ireland and Scotland. Even before finding Gerry I have to admit I am a sucker to Scottish men. There is something about them that just, ya I'm done". I think I am going to be in a lot of trouble when I get to go over there next year ::D:

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This may not talk about why no undies, but it does talk about why kilts are better than pants! :mrkilty:

In terms of their design, trousers are considered "bifurcated" garments because they are divided into two sections, which cover each leg separately. The two sections meet at the crotch, where they are joined by a number of seams (usually an inseam from each trouser leg, plus seams from the front and back). All these seams and accompanying fabric converge at what is already the most crowded intersection in male anatomy. There - in the crotch - they confine, crowd, bind, chafe, and otherwise cut into the male genitalia. The trousers also chafe against the inner thighs and, depending on their tightness, restrict leg movement. In some cases, the confinement of trousers may cause a rash or even reduce a man's sperm count.

Trousers are a relatively recent development. In earlier times, men were accustomed to wearing unbifurcated clothing - such as robes, togas, tunics, sarongs, and various kilt-like or skirt-like garments. These unbifurcated garments were not divided between the legs, and therefore they did not confine or cut into the crotch and male genitals. Therefore, they afforded men more freedom and comfort.

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Lori I love it. I have to agree I love men in kilts also. I just recently went to the highland games here and I was joking with my friend that I was going to wear a plaid skirt. I told her I am single and if I just so happen to find a guy in a kilt and we click I am thinkin' it is all around easy access :cunning:


But I was a good girl (for the record)


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Oh what the heck,

Posted Image

Commando always. I am not a 'Southern Jessie'.


What a tease!!! :heat: A TRUE SCOT! Does Anna know you're posting here?

Ummmm, what exactly is a "southern jessie"? :confused:

Love, Lori in atl :lalala:

Anyone who is from the South of the country, not a tough hard man of the North, a sissie? a softie?

The weather in the South is two overcoats warmer than the North so the men are harder and tougher.

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Well that's good Mac.... cuz we GALS like our men, hard and tough! :cunning:


heheheheeee, SWAN, you said "HARD"......wait a minute! So did MacWilley! :confused: hmmmmmmmm.......

You said it sister! Merge! Ditto! JINX!

I'm not really sure what you're implying there MacWilley.....my ancestors are the YOUNGS from the border reivers folk.....are ye sayin' that they were a might soft, eh? I beg yer pardon, mate.....me da' is one tough scrapper, he was a MARINE, lad! Ye canna get tougher than tha!

Where did I put my gauntlet? :boink:

Hugs and kisses! mwah!

Lori in atl :lalala:

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I wanted to add something to this post but I got

terribly distracted by the adjectives you were

throwing around.

At Tartan Week in NYC- even tho it was April,

it was nasty and chilly and rainy- hey...just like

Scotland, Anyway, the only men wearing undies

were Americans, all the UKers went commando

and after a few Tennents...they wanted to prove

it to us. What a chore!!!



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Now how come in all my years here.... *wipes brow* :cunning:

Well I have a theory, EM, on the whole kilt thing. I believe that kilts were worn in battle, back in the day, without anything underneath because what self respecting warrior wants to get shot while having to stop and drop trow to do his business? A moving target is much harder to hit so with a kilt, one could just keep stroking on without worrying about a pit stop!

Same thing with Prince Charles on the golf course too, I imagine! :funnyup:


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