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"Wall Pages for 2011


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:wave: The "Wall" has been changed to be more like a year book. We have different books for each year. I am requesting that everyone's page be made on the same format (landscape). Soooooooo gather your pictures and info! We will provide the sleeve. My suggestion is that if you want to do the business cards, you can pass them out to each table, during the Gala Evening. :partytime: Time to start DOING! SEE YOU IN VEGAS IN 2011! :vegasbaby::pointy:

Example-------------> Posted Image

Please continue ( or begin) making your page!

Each attendee will be allotted an 8X10 page. It MUST be in LANDSCAPE FORMAT. Landscape makes the page sideways, not up and down. You MUST print out your page and bring it with you to the Con I do not have the means or time to create a page for you.

Things required for your page;

Your picture, Real name, Screen name and the year you FIRST attended the Gerry Con.

The rest of the space on the page, is yours to put on it what you want to. There will be annual notebooks containing "Walls Pages " one for each Con year, so there will be enough space for everyone's pages. If you want to make a different page for each Con Year you have attended, Please feel free!

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