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Gerard Butler GALS

Gerry Narrates Dolphin Movie

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This is the first I personally have heard about this, but HOW FRIGGIN' COOL!! Click on Gerry's name - he's narrating this beautiful movie with music by Julian Lennon - hence their photo together. I can't copy and paste what it says about him ... I'm sure one of our amazing graphic mavens will be able.

I'm so blown away by how incredible Gerry is .. how diverse. And how world-conscious he is. :wuv:


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Great find, Lisa! I'm so happy to see him doing this! This is such an important project and issue and very close to the heart of Daryl Hannah. I did see Gerry's pic but did not see one with him and Julian together. Just love all of these people that are involved here in this project! All of them are my fav celebs! How wonderful!

Thanks for the info!


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The press release:


Gerard Butler was the last actor to participate in the story telling of NA NAI'A Legend of The Dolphins. I had always envisioned a Scottish actor to tell the actual legends of the dolphins, how they started off 50 million years ago and how they evolved. In searching the world for the finest Scottish voice, I listened to Gerard Butler's voice and was immediately mesmerized. I was determined to have Gerard Butler be the storyteller of the legend of the dolphins. I asked him to participate and within days I got a positive "Yes! I would love to do this." He told me about his wonderful encounters with dolphins in California on Catalina Island, which inspired him to participate on this film. The dolphins enchanted him and really touched his soul, so he really wanted to participate on this project. His voice is brilliant.

Yes, yes it is. :D

It will be shown at the Maui Film Festival in June:

The Maui Film Festival, returning to Wailea and the MACC June 15 to 19, has announced its latest va-va-voom luminary: Megan Fox will receive its new Iris Award. Probably best known for her “Transformers” rolls, the young actress will accept the honor at a gala opening-night ceremony at the festival’s majestic outdoor Celestial Cinema, followed by a screening of “Na Nai‘a: Legend of the Dolphins,” in which she shares the narrating duties with a host of other stars.

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Someone from another site wrote the director and he indicated they still need help with funding and have started a website for contributions. Let's help get this movie distributed!!!


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For anyone interested in the Dolphin Movie narrated by Gerry, I contacted the producer and director for information as to how to get the DVD when it is released. It won't be released until 2012, but he sent me this email, which tell how to pledge with different amounts for different items including the DVD (I did a $40.00 pledge today), through Amazon.com. Also, whatever you pledge, your credit card will not be charged until August 23, when the pledges are all to be submitted by, and only then will credit cards be released, not when you make your pledge prior to August 23. Here is the email I got from Jonathon Kay.

jk@dolphinmovie.com to me

show details 1:10 PM (2 hours ago)

Aloha Tense!

Thanks for your message.

We are almost finished the movie NA NAI'A LEGEND OF THE DOLPHINS but are needing to raise funding

for final edits, final music, and final changes to the film to prepare it for distribution and funding for

conversion of the movie to 3-D so that it can be projected in theaters in 3-D across the US and internationally!

We have created a webpage at the site below at which you can make a pledge now and get a DVD of the film

when the film is completed and released on DVD. Your support of this important film about the dolphins,

their message to humanity, and the importance of their survival, by making a pledge at this time on the site below can really make a difference in the completion of NA NAI'A LEGEND OF THE DOLPHINS and in getting the film into distribution in theaters so that everyone can see the film and take part in supporting the dolphins and the global conservation of the oceans of the Earth!


Please share the following webpage link with your friends so that they can participate too and pre-order



Jonathon Kay


Producer/Director NA NAI'A: Legend of the Dolphins

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Now he needs to give up working with L'Oreal, they are the biggest offenders of cruel animal testing!

I did not know this... that is not good, not good at all!

I also love dolphins and am very glad to see Gerry involved in a film of this caliber!

Many thanks to all who posted so much of the film's information, websites, etc.

:erik: Erik's Ebony Eyes :phantom:

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I'm so happy to have come home to see this. The trailer looks so cute...

I have a soft spot for movies like this!! I may appear to be a hard nut at times but I have a genuine soft spot for animals!! :)

Thank u for this!



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Dolphins have always fascinated me. My two wishes are to meet Gerry and a dolphin

face to face. I guess Dolphins hold second place to Gerry in my heart and spirit.

I am so happy to see Gerry associated with this project. I could not be happier.

I pledged my $40.00. I'd expect to pay around that much for the DVD and I'm sure

I would purchase it simply because Gerry is in it and I have all of his DVDs and I

would especially love to own this one, loving dolphins as I do.

I hope there will be enough support to distribute this. If not, no one gets

charged, so there is nothing to lose. I always wanted to support one of

Gerry's projects, finally a chance.

Thanks to all who found this and posted it.

Love him absolutely,


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