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Gerard Butler GALS

6/9 - Mavericks to start shooting in September

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*Mavericks (Drama/Biopic) Chronicles the life and early death of big-wave surfer Jay Moriarty. Starring Gerard Butler. Casting: Venus Kanani and Mary Vernieu, Betty Mae Casting, 1009 Abbott Kinney Blvd., 2nd Fl., Venice, CA 90291. Shoots in September.


(The official Walden site had originally listed production start as October.)

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I guess since MGP will be released a bit later in the year (I'm so anxious for this :yay: ) they could move it up. Gerry's only got a couple of months now so he's pushing on hard with perfecting his technique, riding the wild waves that is!

Thanks, Barb.


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I believe they originally indicated filming would start in October & I don't think they can move the dates back too far, because the really big waves at Mavericks occur in the winter months. Unless they don't intend to film them, which would be very hard to believe, their filming window is limited.

I was a little concerned w/ how filming would fit in w/ promoting MGP &/or Coriolanus in North America. However, now I'm hearing October/November for MGP, so possibly an earlier start on Mavericks will make that a little easier. I remember Gerry trying to promote Gamer & finishing up on TBH around the same time. I'm sure that was difficult to coordinate.

No doubt Gerry will be spending a lot of time training over the next few months & we will just have to suffer through the occasional photos cropping up. ;)


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Wow, it seemed so long when it was first announced, but that is only 2 months

and a few days. Time does fly. I can't wait.

He looks so good for all of these films. I hope he is at least getting a cup cake

now and again.

Love him absolutely,


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I though MGP was being released in September...that's what imdb says anyway, September 1st.

That was the early indication we had, but recently one of the producers tweeted it would be late this year, October or November.


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I never trust IMDB anymore, so many fake pages and false information. They said they were filming Tremors 5... and they werent. Gutted!!! :(

I'm being serious!! lol.

On a good note i'm very much looking forward to this!! Thanks for the info.



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Steph said "pipeline"! :funnyup:

Hi Sarah! :wave:

*sigh* I just LOVE how Gerry throws himself 200% into training for a role. :pant: I've always gotten a giggle out of him saying how he really "suffers" for his craft.

I also love it when Barb lets her Lady Von Kinkilla side show!! Thanks for all the great photos, Barb! :yummy:



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