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Mi chiamo Justis e sono da Roma. Mi sono iscritto appena a GALS recentemente ed amo la lettura tutti i pali! Desidero appena che abbia saputo un piccolo più inglesi in modo che potrei avere più divertimento qui! !!!

Se ci sono qualunque altro GALS fuori da lí che sono da Italia o parla italiano che amerei ciarlare con lei!



Hello I am Justis and I am from Rome. I have registered to GALS recently and love the reading all of your posts! I wish just that it have known a little more English so that I could have more fun here!!

If there are any other GALS from Italy or speaks Italian I would love to chat with her!

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Ciao Justis,

I do not speak, nor read, Italian, unfortuantely, but I want to welcome :rose: you to GALS. My mother was born in Lucca, Italy, but came to America when she was five. I love my Italian heritage, but we did not learn the language. I wish we had. Please enjoy yourself, and we will help you however we can.

Linda a.k.a. Beachie

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Hey, Justis!

Lovely post...your English is terrific!

Glad the post make you laugh!

My grandparents immigrated from Berceto...and like Linda (givemeabeach), I sadly never took the time to learn although my mother tried to teach my brother and I!

Please jump right in and make a post on any of the threads that look interesting! Everything about :gbflame:

is interesting, yes? ::D:

Try to join us in The Support Center, which is currently here: http://www.gerardbutlergals.com/forums/ind...wtopic=3708&hl=

Each floor has a theme; just drop in, say hi, and post a favorite Gerry picture and add your thoughts to the theme, if you'd like! It would be fun to 'see' you there!



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Hi! Justis! :wave:

Welcome to GALS!

Off hand I don't know anyone who speaks Italian but I will keep an eye out for you.

If you need help with anything please let us know.



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