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Gerard Butler GALS

Movie Star Bios: Gerard Butler - Interviews

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Awesome Stu thank you!

"Gerurd" lol.

"Too handsome to inspire fear." Hmmm, maybe, but he sure does it very sexily is that a word? Well it is now.

I'm so glad he's working. In the words of Brendan Fraser. "I'm like a shark, I'll sleep when I'm dead." Sounds like Gerry might've caught a case of that :D.

P.S. Who's up for watching The Bodyguard and seeing if they can find Gerry?

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That was a great interview and bio! Yeah....she REALLY messed up the pronunciation of his name huh? :lalala: Thanks Stu.... thoroughly enjoyed that..

:wave: Frannie

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Great interview!! I agree though, what was with her pronunciation of Gerry's name? I've been a fan of his since forever, and I've never heard him say it like that let alone anyone else. I already knew Gerry had been an extra on The Bodyguard however....I think I can remember what scene he is in, its a big crowd scene, I know that, its just been a while since I've watched that movie so I can't recall specifically.

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