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For all the warm hearts at GALS


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Thank you so much, May.

Knowing that these youngsters and their families are prayed for is very comforting.

And it is heartbreaking wherever evil shows its ugly face so we must fight it and never forget

that there is more love, more warmth and more good people on this earth.

Hugs from Eva Mari

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I'm sure some of you already know but this week the man behind 7/22 was deemed insane. The reactions are varied.

Come April there will be a trial but he will never walk our streets again.

I still feel sick when they print his face in the media/smears it over the tv screen,

- my heart aches for all that have lost part(s) of the family or dear friend(s)...

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I want again to thank you all for being there for me and my countrymen.

I really wish that more people knew how great you all are, that Gerry's fans and conventions make a difference.

Warm hugs from me

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