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Gerard Butler GALS

9/2 - Gerard Butler on "Windy City Live"


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What a nice little interview!

Burns is still 'in the works' with a new writer to 'freshen it up', but still a year or two away-

I recorded the live stream, and I'm converting the file to .wmv and will trim it to just Gerry's interview

so we should have it available shortly for MM download. :D

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I like The Windy City interview better. The hosts treated Gerry with respect for what he does and even mentioned his singing in POTO in a good way. :pointy: Good job Windy City!

Thanks for both links!


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So excited to see two of our own be able to ask Gerry a question. :)

TravelingTart (Monica) and Moira...Congrats ladies! :cheer:

Wish I was there to enjoy it with you. :)

p.s. Thanks Monica for the shout out to the GMCL's! :thankyou:

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And the interviews begin!! I've been waiting for this soooooooooooooooooooooo thanks to you all that are keeping us supplied with the goodies!

Moira.......Gerry's buddy did he say? OMG! I would have not been able to speak after that! Guess you are getting used to it now huh Sweetie....I'm thrilled for you and thanks so much for your dedication and always immaculate representation for Gals!

He does look good ....just a little beefier and less tousled for me but I could get by with his new look!! :cunning:

:wave: Frannie

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Frannie no you don't get used to it :lmao:

I was in Chicago with friends en route to us all going to TIFF. We all got in on standby. They asked me to ask a question and asked what I planned to say and guess what the host asked a similar question just before they wanted me to ask it!!!!!! so I had to ask another.


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Moira you were terrific, and since I knew which question you planned on asking, when I heard the host ask I was like "OMG what is she going to come up with?!" You really did a great job thinking off the cuff like that! Very uncool of him to do that.

Gerry looked gorgeous, as always. It's going to be a very exciting few weeks!! :pointy:


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I've seen the Windy City, Fox Chicago and WGN videos and I was surprised Gerry looked as relaxed as he did. I guess he is getting used to this. I was able to download the WGN video but they don't have the Fox one on YOUTUBE. :tantrum: I also can't watch the Windy City YOUTUBE videos because they are so choppy that they hurt my eyes. :tantrum: I hope we get better ones for Multimedia download.

Moira, I thought that was so cute Gerry calling you his buddy. He is such a cool guy. Quick thinking girl on the question.

~HUGS~ Kathy

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Nice interviews :D. I too thought it was cool Monica represented the GMCL's on the air :D. Moria, it's not easy to come up with a question on the fly sometimes, especially when you already had a question in mind. Great job!

I thought it was great when he scratched his beard. It looks like it really itches he was going to town, he's gonna start a fire, lol.

Thanks for keeping us all updated with Gerry goodness :drool1:. I must be missing something What is "Mr. Pinky?"

Here is a non choppy and full length version of the "Windy City Live" video.

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