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9/2 - Author of "The Bricklayer" dies


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Paul Lindsay; Ex-Detroit FBI Agent and Prolific Author of 7 Novels Dead at 68


He authored his first book at the tail end of his FBI career, which stirred controversy in the FBI because it was a thinly veiled novel that took shots at some folks in the agency.

He went on to write six other books. And just last month it was reported that Millenium Films had acquired the rights to “The Bricklayer”, his best-selling novel penned under the pseudonym Noah Boyd, according to the Hollywood Reporter.

Book was written under the pseudonym Noah Boyd

The report also noted that Scottish actor Gerard Butler is supposed to star in the film as a rogue former agent who’s services are needed to battle a criminal group that’s been demanding multi-million dollar ransom payments.

Read entire article HERE

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Oh, how sad! I wonder if the project will go on with Gerry in the lead. If so, I'll bet Gerry's participation would be a tribute to Mr. Lindsay.

I just bought the book and can't wait to read it.


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That's too sad! He won't get to see his story on the big screen! But I hope this doesn't deter the progress of the film.

I ordered the book a couple of weeks ago from Amazon but haven't seen it yet! I ordered two books at the same time but from different vendors and got the one but not The Bricklayer!

Again, this is so disappointing and sad.


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