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Update:9/27 Job Possibility

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Many of you know of my struggle to get my insurance to pay my bills.

You all know how I had a minor surgical procedure in February and in June my insurance denied every bill. I appealed and won on July 28th!! I called early August and the hospital said the insurance had already paid. I paid the remainder in mid August. On one of the bills, which wasn't much had to be paid in February before the procedure was done and according to insurance I'm owed money. So I called mid August and inquired about it. I was told a check was cut August 10. Time goes by still no check. So I called today and got a shock lol.........

I called customer service and gave her my info and she said ok "what's going on is the account has been overpaid by alot and we are trying to figure out what to do with the money(they've contacted my insurance but I guess they haven't responded yet). I have to laugh because as hard as I worked to get insurance to pay and now it's overpaid lol lol lol. Insurance companies must have no idea what they are doing. She said once we know what to do with the money we'll send you a check.

On the job front.....

Yesterday I went and turned in my paperwork for the other county to sub and I heard "we always need subs". So I've decided I'm smile and do my job and all the money I make will be for my car :) It's a truly sad world when people look at you and see nothing more than a fill in. I'm not alone in that I know but it stills sucks!



I hope all is well with all of you :)

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That is good news about your coming refund for overpayment. It's been my experience with insurance companies that they demand their money for your premiums and treatments immediately, but they take their time to reimburse. My husband has still not received a refund for overpayment from a year ago! :(

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Update: 9/27/11

This week our church is in revival. The preacher that is holding it preached on prayer last night and how we shouldn't be afraid to pray for "big things" that we may need. For four years now, I've prayed for a job but last night after the message when I prayed I asked for a job.

Today, my mom called and told me there is a teaching position at one of the schools. I called the principal and she was out so I left a voicemail and she called me back. She asked a few questions and said next time she was at central office she'd pick up my application and give me another call!!

It's contact at least!!

I'll keep you all updated. Cross your fingers and toes!!



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