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Gerard Butler GALS
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Gold Dust Woman

Go to the L.A. MGP Premiere & Reception FOR FREE!

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First things first, big thanks to Happy Happy Joy Joy for the heads-up on this giveaway. At this time she’s on a romantic European holiday with her hubby, yet she still took the time to take care of her “girlies” back home with this little golden nugget of info.

Second, this is by far the easiest way to get FREE passes to an actual Gerard Butler movie premiere AND the festivities immediately following. Hooray for Hollywood (and MyFm 104.3)!!!

All you have to do is register on this local Los Angeles based radio stations website which I’ve linked here: http://myclub.1043myfm.com/asp2/Register.aspx

Just for signing up you get 1,000 points automatically.

Okay. Now what you have to do is get 1,000 more points which you can then redeem for 1 entry (which is good for 2 passes) to the L.A. premiere of “Machine Gun Preacher” tomorrow night...AND the reception immediately following. How cool is that???!!! If you have a photo ID and a way to get there, you are in!!!

Here is the MGP MyFm page to redeem your points:


Here’s a tip: It’s super easy to get the points. Once you’ve registered check in the upper left hand corner next to your login info. to see if you got the automatic 1,000 points when you first signed up. Now find the box that’s at the bottom right side of the MGP picture where is says “Earn More Points” and pick a category. Answer the questions correctly and you'll start getting your points. You’re not being timed and you can use Google if you have to. A lot of the questions are worth 500 points each so if you get two right then there’s your 2,000 points! Keep in mind you don’t get a second chance to answer these questions if you get it wrong the first time, but there are oodles and oodles of ways to get points via the site so have fun with it.

I kind of wish this opportunity was for one of Gerard’s more light-hearted movies. Hopefully the theme of the evening will be more celebratory than depressing. MGP is a heavy, heavy flick.


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