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Gerard Butler GALS

9/28 - NOW Toronto interview with Gerard Butler


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NOW Toronto Magazine


The hulking actor tones it down to play real-life biker and Sudanese orphanage founder Sam Childers. Just don't ask him to explain his performance.

Gerard Butler stands with his back to the door, framed against a window, looking out at the Toronto skyline. I've walked into his room, yet somehow he's the one making an entrance.

Butler has come to the Toronto Film Festival with two films, Machine Gun Preacher and Coriolanus. Each uses the actor's imposing physical presence as a storytelling element – though in person, he's chatty and loose, a world away from the coiled warriors he portrays onscreen.

Read the entire article, with 3 audio clips of the interview, By Norman Wilner at NOW Magazine, Toronto


Gerard Butler on his research into the world of Sam Childers:


Butler on his own leap of faith, signing on to Ralph Fiennes's Coriolanus:


Butler on the mixture of love and hate that drives his Coriolanus character:


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I just read Gerry B's response to the movie in the article. His mood reminds me so much of when he did THE PHANTOM of the OPERA...He is such a sensitive and caring man. I am sure he really felt all the pain of playing Sam Childers. My hubby and I are so looking forward to seeing both of his movies. Every movie (and that means all the parts he has played) he is the character and really pulls you into those moments. Everything from One More Kiss to The Jury to Attila to Dear Frankie, he makes you feel like you are there with him. I hope someday, Hollywood gives him credit for his outstanding acting abilities. I say HOPEFULLY??? they will do that. This movie should help him reach that accomplishment. Ihope he will finally do ROBERT BURNS..now would be the time to do it since he is still young enough. To us, he looks MARVELOUS as usual. I missed his appearances on TV, but caught the Jay Leno one...his eyes are so magnificient in everything he does..Good luck GB as always you we are sure you did a superb job.

Bonnie Donna Jean and George and clan getting bigger, we now have a new little baby girl, granddaughter, only a little over 3 months. What an angel she is Searra is her name. We wish GB the same happiness someday when he fines his love.

Hi, again I tried to print out the above, but for some reason I can't get either of my printers to print anything out on your site. I did go into the NOW interview and was able to print it BUT no can print anything out on your site. Strange this is the only place I can't get my printers to PRINT...ummmmm got any ideas what I should do?

GDMontalban@cox.net P.S. I am still using the temp password and it works beautifully. Thanks again.

Edited by Donna Jean
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