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I didn't think I'd saved a copy of my picture prior to posting the original to God knows who at God knows where in Scotland (I have also sent it to Gerardbutler.net, so you may have seen it before) but I have been back to their website and managed to copy it back onto my PC (yippee - it's not lost forever). I did this picture for Gerard's 40th Birthday but I don't know whether he has even seen it - I'd be chuffed to bits if anyone could find out whether he has, and what his comments are..."can Jim fix it for me?" (a reference to an old UK kids' program where Sir Jimmy Saville granted a child their wish).

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Hi and :welcome: Your art work is Amazing :goodjob:

The size of the image you posted was over our limit, so I re-sized it for you. Below are some link to VERY helpful information as you get to know the site and posting on GALS. Please take some time to look these over.

We're a friendly bunch here so if you ever have any questions or concern please feel free to ask!

Again welcome to the FANmily!

So here are the links to some helpful information that you need to know.

Here is the link on how to diplay your signature or as we call them "siggy"...


Here is the link on how to display your Avatar or "Avi"...


You may display a second avi or "Trading Card", here is the how to link...


Please note we have restrictions on the sizes of your signature and Avis. The sizes are mentioned on each how to link.

Here is the link to all the "How To" threads...


I know this seems like a lot but really in no time it will be a piece of cake :pointy:

If you have any trouble after reading the how to information please let me know and I'll walk you though it.

I have a thread of tons of Avatars I've made for everyone to share and use. So take a look and help yourself. There is 15 pages worth of them! Here is my avi thread...




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Hi Shiv! :wave:

:butterfly: Welcome to the artwork by the GALS threads! So glad to see others stop by and post their works. I really enjoy seeing what the GALS come up with.

Love your drawing! It IS a quite different take but absolutely Gerry and I imagine if Gerry every gets to see it he will like it a lot. Here's hoping it works out for you.

Hope you will post some more of your amazing art.

:thankyou: for sharing.


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Hi Shiv

welcome to GBGals, you will soon find your way around and if you get stuck, just ask, we are all friendly here.

Your EYE is just beautiful, I am so glad you posted it here, hope you have many more artworks to post, we just lap it up.

I run a cross stitch thread here called Junes Artwork and it took off like a bullet, in fact I am on to part 4, have a peek when you have the time.

Hope to view many more of your creations.

Well done



PS I live in the Isle of Man, so we are nearly neighbours, but I am a Yorkshire lass through and through, I was born in Wakefield. LOL

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