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Gerard Butler GALS

One Man's Prayer


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I thought I'd mention what inspired me to write this one in the first place. Of course, it was a segment in Machine Gun Preacher when the statement was made to Sam that he "can't save them all" and what I feel would go through Sam's mind when he heard that and how he used the power of prayer to summon his strength and courage and get some divine intervention.

One Man’s Prayer

Let me be their voice

As they cry unheard,

Those who have no choice

Let me find each word.

Lord, please guide me on,

Strong and benevolent.

Save them one by one,

The meek and innocent.

Keep them safe from harm

Show them civility.

Grant them peace and calm

With quiet humility.

Lift them up above

All the insanity,

To know God’s pure love

Of their humanity.


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OH Delene!! I have missed your poems and this one is very special....indeed!! Absolutely beautiful! Saving it is a given. Thanks for sharing and please compose more!!!!

~HUGS~ Kathy

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What a pretty and heartfelt poem! Thank you so very much for sharing. That's a good prayer because the children are hurting all over this world.

Thanks so much, patsueb, for your kind words!


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