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Phantom's Speical Announcement

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Hey Gals, this is Phantom. I have a very special announcement to share with you all..... (sigh) How to say this correctly if I can, :hehe: ... My announcement is......... I'm pregnant! I am very excited and happy but a little scared somewhat, my fiance is happy and filled with joy! We don't know if the baby is going to be a he or a she, so I said its a boy but he says its a girl so we will have to wait and see. :wow2: This is just beyond words for me, but the baby is due on March 20th. And I am so nervous on being a mom, I just hope things will turn out okay.

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:bow2: Thanks gals for the congrats, looks like I will be due in April instead of march 20. It looks like I am now in my fourth month. love you thanks!
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Hey all lassies! I am having my first baby shower tomorrow for my little wee girl! I will see if i can somehow put pics or a videoclip of the shower whenever I can if possible. I am due between April 25 and May 5 this year. Sorry if I havent been on here, things have been a little hectic lately. But i will have summer off, wont be able to go to the convention with the baby- wish i could but I cant. But other than that I am doing fine, so if anyone was looking for me wanting to know how i am doing these days i am fine. lol. um, other than that baby is doing okay, and my fiancee got a new job- finally able to get him off his bum and apply for it. So hes in training as a security officer at the prison out in estancia in new mexico. I am finishing up my things hopefully before i go into labor. If any one wants to drop a line or a PM, you are free to do so.

I will be giving further updates!


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