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11/6 - New Promo Poster for Thunder Run


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New Promo Poster for Thunder Run

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We’ve got another round up of stuff from the American Film Market to share with you today in the way of promo posters for arse Backwards, Thunder Run, and Carnaval. Thunder Run is the 3D motion-capture war film starring Gerard Butler, Sam Worthington, and Matthew McConaughey. Directed by Simon West (Con Air), the film centers on the 2003 capture of Baghdad. The comedy arse Backwards stars Alicia Silverstone, Jon Cryer, Casey Wilson (Happy Endings) and Vincent D’Onofrio and centers on two best friends who head back to their hometown in an attempt to win a pageant they never won as children.

Carnaval stars John Cusack and Johnny Knoxville and centers on a sports scout (Cusack) who is forced to head down to Rio de Janeiro to recruit the world’s top soccer player. The scout’s best friend (Knoxville) comes along for the trip, and hijinks ensue. Josh Stern (Swing Vote) will direct.


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It's just so interesting to me that some movies have their posters made up to promote a film way before they even start the actual filming process. Gerry's name is on the poster and first billed so must be a done deal. He's going to be a busy man as I saw "Hunter Killer" (wish they'd fix that title) still on the list. Gerry truly does have a warrior heart! Two military movies like this would probably mean there will be something else from another genre thrown in there somewhere possibly. But it keeps us happy and keeps him out of trouble!

Thanks, Cheryl!


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