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Gerard Butler GALS

2012 Server Fee

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WHAT A WONDERFUL "FIRST POST", CHRISTY!! (You ought to come out to play more often! ;))

Seriously... :thankyou: to EVERYONE!

I've been advised that we're only half-way there at this point in time.:eek: I can't imagine not having our gallery available and I'm trying not to freak out. LOL

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I've changed nina and Chirsty Herself! to 'green' Contributing Member :D

Thank you to all who help out financially - every contribution helps meet the yearly goal! :rose:

Holly, yes, I remember that awful year w/o GALS - even if it was 'short-lived' ! - as you stated in the first post:

However, we have a lot of "newbies" who weren't around during the big "server crash" of April (?) '06. Some may recall that we had an emergency fund raiser to keep GALS up and running on our own designated server. At the risk of bringing back horrific memories -- I will mention to the newbies that the site was actually DOWN for 2 days! Posted Image

:bonk: and pray it never happens again! :flee:

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Just sent a little more. If every member could manage to give just one dollar...just saying. Skip buying a Starbucks this week or supersizing on that fast food meal(way too fattening anyway). Plan on going to the early showing of "Coriolanus" instead of the more expensive evening one when it comes to your area. Little tiny sacrifices will ensure no interuptions to your daily "Gerry fix."

Love me some GALS!


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Hello dear GBGALS,

I´ve started contribuiting later last year, and monthly in 2012, but since I read the site is in difficulties to reach the annual fee, I´ve just donnated some more today...

Posted Image

OMG I hope it helps! I´ll spread the need among my pals over here, let´s see if someone else can donnate.

Good luck to us all!

Love from Brazil,


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Just sent my donation to help this important cause. For all the happiness I receive from this site, it is just a token of what you mean to me.

Thanks to everyone who makes this the best site of any kind I visit.


bflo (Betty)

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I've sent ty acknowlegements to those who've sent via PayPal today - :rose:

We still have a l-o-n-g way to go GALS! Please remember that every dollar helps and is appreciated!

The Server is the big fee, but there are other expenses that we have to cover all year, thus the 'big push' for March. :D

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I know I've been off for a spell, but I will most surely help. I'll print this out and do during my lunch.


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Hi there,

I have just contributed through PayPal but didnt leave my name on their notes section - still the main thing is that you receive the money!

You all do such a great job and I hope all the contributions are enough and in time.



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So glad that I saw the reminder on Facebook. I don't get to be on here as much as I would like, but would hate to not have this site! That said, I just sent ya some mooooola!


Sarah :D

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I 'knew' it was you Mirin from your email address :D

Have sent ty/acknowledgement emails to Mirin and Sarah!

And raynbow, thank you I'll make you 'green' now! ;)

:cheer: GO GALS TEAM GO :cheer:

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