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Gerard Butler GALS

2012 Server Fee


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*jumping with joy* What great news! *does silly happy dance*

As DH suffers from Butlerious Jealousius I did my small contribution via my darling sis' of the heart, Sue. I'm already green from yesteryears.

The very thought of GBGALS going dark *shivers* is too much for this feebleminded gal... :lalala:

Thank you all so, so much for all your har *coughdoNOTgotherecough* work!

Loving hugs from VERRA happy old wee me :kiss:

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From the bottom of my heart, Posted Image to all those who contributed. It has never been mandatory that one contribute to helping keep the site open so that all of us can come here day after day; year after year; and celebrate the man we all love and the friends we have all come to cherish. With all of us coming together to donate whatever small amount we can this great site gets to stay up and running.

hugs to all of you.



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Posted Image

We can 'relax' - but...

anyone who missed the big :panic: please know that a contribution will still be appreciated and help cover the other operating expenses that help keep the site 'up', fun and full of lovely Gerry pics like the HQ added tonight! :D

Thanks to all for your financial support for GALS!

If I forgot to turn anyone to "Contributing Member" status, please drop me a PM and I'll remedy!

Thanks again, from all the Admins and Mod Squad at GB GALS!!

Fantastic news! Well done everyone! This is also a fitting tribute to Gerry showing how much we care about him and supporting and following his career!


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