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Gerard Butler GALS

In Celebration of Your Journey Thus Far..


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Happy Birthday Message to a Soul that relates an Ethereal and Incandescent Man~

And, so this Scotch/Irish passion continues to mesmerize the mind and body in an art form that seduces with lyrics and composition that cause the blood to pulse a wee bit more escalatory. The firm and ever raw form of a man's intention to convey truth, what it veritably means to be taken, swept from one's feet like the winds that seamlessly find way through the Highlands. The saturnalian that interprets this dynamic~ To truly envision a higher purpose, to travel a universe far more infintite if just for a moment. To encapsulate and portray this unique self-expression of stage & screen, the persistent dedication of your craft~ remembering "4" and what it means to slide once again upon those windy & rain-swept sidewalks and daring within such mischievous countenance, a playful presence... "Watch me do it all over again!"

Happy Birthday Handsome!

Warmest thoughts for a day filled with everything that brings back a simpler time.

Much Admiration and Love,


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