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Susan Julian Crossman, (Suz) Passed Away


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Dear GALS, I have just learned that our Suz, Susan Julian, passed away in her sleep last night. Although Suz has not been active on GALS for a long time, many of us will never forget her razor sharp wit and hilarious antics in the chat room. I spoke to Susan a number of times on the phone and we have been FB friends for years. Although we had our differences we grew to care for one another. Susan was all set to begin her new life with her fiance and their own little Brady Bunch of kids...but now she is gone. So another one of our GALS has become an angel. Lord, please comfort Susan's fiance and those darling children she loved dearly.

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I did not know Suz personally, but do remember reading many of her posts and feeling her spirit...so sad..so young to leave this world...my prayers go out to her loved ones at this very difficult time!

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RIP dear Suz we will miss her. Yes she has not been on for quite a while...By the way; does anyone know is she was one of the old WB's board for Phantom?
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Deepest Sympathy to her loved one's.

Waiting at Heaven's Door

Death beckoned her with outstretched hand
And whispered softly of an unknown land,
But she was not afraid to go
For though the path she did not know
She took death's hand without a fear
For God who safely brought her here
Had promised He would lead the way
Into eternity's bright day.

For none of us need go alone
Into the valley that is unknown,
But, guided by our Father's hand
We journey to the promised land.

She was your special loving Mother
You shared your lives with one another,
And you'll find comfort for your grief
In knowing her death brought sweet relief.
For, now she is free from all suffering and pain
And your great loss became her gain...

You know that her love is with you still
For she loved you in life and always will.
Love like hers can never end
Because it is the perfect blend
Of joy and sorrows, smiles and tears,
That just grew stronger with the years.
Love like hers can never die
For she's taken it with her to the sky...

So think of Mum as living above
No farther away than your undying love,
For now she is happy and free once more
And she's waiting for you at Heaven's door

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