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Caius Martius meeting Aufidius in the heat of battle-Exclusive Clip

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What's better than a bit of cultural enrichment and Shakespearean adaptation in the morning? Why, a bit of cultural enrichment that also features violence between two large, scary men! And that's precisely what we have for you in this exclusive clip from Coriolanus, directed by and starring Ralph Fiennes in the title role, and featuring Gerard Butler as his nemesis Aufidius.

As all you historians and literary types will know, Caius Martius, known as Coriolanus, was the great Roman general of the 5th century BC whose campaigns against the aforementioned Aufidius, leader of the Volscians who threaten Rome, have won him fame and power back home. But Coriolanus' pride and disdain for the people of Rome lead him into trouble, despite the best efforts of his influential mother (Vanessa Redgrave), devoted wife (Jessica Chastain) and Senator friend ( Brian Cox).

This scene takes place early in the film, with Caius Martius meeting Aufidius in the heat of battle in the city of Coriolanus. It's a clash of the titans!


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WOW! It seems more and more interesting, I can not wait to see it! :cunning:

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