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1/16 - Gerard Butler takes advantage of surf accident


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Gerard Butler has joked he couldn’t wash dishes over Christmas as he was still so shaken after his surfing accident.

The actor had a near-death experience at infamous Northern California surf spot Maverick’s in December. He was held under water by a huge wave and then rushed to hospital when he was finally plucked from the sea.

Afterwards Gerard returned home to Scotland, where he used the incident to his advantage.

“I play it like that, but I don’t really get away with it,” he replied, when asked if his A-list status means he doesn’t have to help cook at Christmas. “Although I do feel that this year I was a little bit lazy. There were a couple of times when I saw people in the kitchen and I thought, ‘I could be doing a little bit more.’ To me though, what I’ve just been through – you’re lucky I’m here. And you’re going to ask me… it’s washing up! It’s water! I can’t even see the water, any kind of foam, what if I fall in?!”

The actor is promoting his latest movie Coriolanus, which is based on the William Shakespeare play. Ralph Fiennes plays the title character and also directed the picture, while Gerard is Tullus Aufidius.

Gerard hopes the film will encourage people to read more of the famed playwright’s work, as well as boosting his acting CV.

“I was sent the script – it was so filmic, it was just perfect and you really could immediately see yourself as that character and you could see Ralph as Coriolanus. It’s very accessible and easy to follow,” he told UK TV show Lorraine.

“You always have different reasons for choosing roles. Some are for fun and this came along and I thought, ‘Well, you know what? I’m not exactly known for my Shakespeare!’”


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Oh he's gonna milk it for all it's worth! I'm not surprised! Although he may feel he can be off the hook for any water related domestic tasks, I don't think taking out the garbage would dredge up any flashbacks! ;)


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My clan sure are glad that Gerry B. is OK. What a scare his mum and family must have felt. Gerry always makes jokes, but I'll bet that experience will be in his head for a long while. You just don't forget things like that so easily. So we are betting he is counting his blessings and sAying, SOMEONE UP THERE was watching over ME.

By the wAy, I saw the Golden Globes and he was looking terrific as usual. Always spiffy looking, wears those suits beautifully. The man always looks great...Looking forward to seeing his movies..Put our name on Amazon.com for both Machine Gun Preacher and Coriolanus...Can't be with big crowds for now, but sure will buy for us and family and friends when they come out on DVDs...really anxious to see those movies...Stunning man and always so funny and positive..

Hugs, Donna Jean and George and our clan ALL GREAT FANS :cunning::music:

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I'm sure his joy in living had a lot to do with his survival. I've been married to a surfer for more years than I care to count (over 30 anyway) and those big waves make me hold my breath. I'm just so gob-smacked that he took on a dangerous wave like Mavericks - what a guy!!! And to survive when other, so called better/professional surfer's haven't says a lot about our Gerry.

Hugs to all


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i always enjoy his interviews with lorraine kelly. i think its something to do with her being scottish as well. they get on so well. he was so funny, especially about the water and the washing up. i couldnt stop laughing.

it shows how down to earth he is when he says he would rather get a goal for celtic then win an oscar.

im glad he can make light of his accident now, but hope he is more careful in the future, but when you think of his film roles, he hasnt done badly, considering all the action films, where he is being blown all over the place like in gamer, things coming at him in 300 etc.

sue grint - gbutts greatest london fan

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Gerry needs a vaccine against stress! The safest place is among the relatives and loving people where to pamper and relax, which will play a role or to give explanations of world.He is a popular person and everyone is trying to touch , but such a strong and frightening experience inevitably changed and we must be patient and understanding, I am very happy that Gеrry will delight us with his acting and I am grateful to his guardian angel for this!

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I'm sure that, as always, the more time that passes the more he will joke about the experience.

He was still a little shaken when he did the Graham Norton show. You could tell in his eyes that

he really was reliving the experience and it shook him to the core. He still tried to make light of

the situation, mostly to ease his fan's and family's minds, I am thinking. Scorpios tend to do

that. They make light of any situation that they can't control. I love him for trying to soothe

everyone's nerves. I know his Mum must have been terrified when she saw him and knew

he had come so close.

As for him surviving the incident. I'm sure that someone not as fit as Gerry may not have survived.

He is very strong from his constant training, and especially since he quit smoking, I'm sure his

lung capacity is much greater. So Thank God for all his training and self control.

He said he didn't panic. There is another key to his survival. If he is like most of us, he concentrated

on getting to safety and then succumbed to panic. That's what I always do. After it's all over, I

completely fall apart.

I'm thankful he is ok, and I sincerely hope he will be far more careful in the future and not put himself

in harm's way so often. Let the stunt guys do the stunts. I would much rather Gerry be safe, even

tho I love seeing him in every scene possible. I don't want him ever in harm's way.

Love him absolutely,


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