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Lorraine Kelly interview for Coriolanus

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That's a great interview! Gerry is so intellectual when he's discussing filming Coriolanus and then he's so animated and adorable discussing his "fear" of dishwashing duties at home and his Celtic dream! I absolutely melt when he says "pairfect" and he said it twice!!! :wuv:

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:wave:Thanks, Theresa - I love watching all his interviews, but especially with Lorraine - he seems very at ease talking with her, and what can I say - that Scottish burr gets me every time; can't get enough of that sexy voice, not to mention the HOT SCOT himself !:pant:

The Golden Globe interviews were also great - the Access Hollywood interview was terrific. It's fascinating listening to the way he describes his near death experience at Mavericks - AND he's going back!!! He never ceases to amaze and surprise me. It's a shame that he was presenting and not receiving... I'm just saying.


Kathy G

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Thank you, Theresa, a totally enjoyable experience. I LOVE his accent and can never get tired of it.

Please correct me if I am wrong, is he losing his beautiful accent? It certainly seems less profound than before. I sure hope not.

xx A

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