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Gerard Butler GALS

2/7 - Redbulletin article

Texas gramma

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Gosh that interview was like a breath of fresh air. Finally no nonsense... "Who are you dating" "When will you get married" "Are you sleeping with such a person/...."

I really enjoyed reading that, it was refreshing to go in depth and hear him talk about his goals in life rather than who's skirt he's feeling up...... :-s

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I love it when someone let's him talk and share what he wants to share, instead of

making up a bunch of crap about whatever they want to. I love hearing his own

version of what's what and what has been in his life. He is so honest and above

board, if they just print what he says. He really is a very interesting read.

His life is and has been extraordinary/ He has made so much out of so little

given to him at birth. His is the kind of story that uplifts and inspires, as he


Love him absolutely,


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