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Gerard Butler GALS

Coriolanus in D.C. 2/14-2/21

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The same old indies are languishing in our local arthouses, I've noticed, even when they're also showing at AMC Select locations (which are more convenient for movie goers, in multiplexes). Makes you wonder about the distribution system: are they just milking the nominated films for as much money as possible before putting in new ones? (My guess: of course.) There were 12 people watching "The Artist" on a Saturday night when I saw it in Northern Virginia. And it deserves to be seen, IMO. But it's not selling tickets (because it's silent, probably).

I remember when "The Hurt Locker" opened. It drew small crowds and was on DVD before it won Best Picture. Didn't hurt its critical stance but didn't waste theater space either. (I just saw it last weekend, finally.) Things have apparently changed. But why?

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YEE-HAW!! :lighter::lighter::cheer::cheer:

Doin' the happy dance...!!

Coriolanus this weekend and Act of Valor next weekend...Doesn't get much better...

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