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Gerard Butler GALS

MGP in Matthews, NC


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I just learned today that Machine Gun Preacher is playing at the Matthews 10 in

Matthews, NC.

For those of us in NC that have not been privi to see this movie, it is wonderful.

I only found out this afternoon, got dressed, rushed to Matthews and finally got

to see it on the big screen. It is marvelous. Royal Gerry.

The bad part is that it started last Friday and will end tomorrow. If you can get to

Matthews tomorrow to see it, GO. It is truly worth the drive from within 50 miles.

The show times are 3:55, 6:50, and 9:35.

If I had only known I could have seen it 3 times a day all week. I'm really upset

that the theater listings didn't list it there. I have been checking every Friday

since September to see if it was going to be showing in this area. None of the

sights listed it.

It is a great vehicle for Gerry's talent. He is unbelievable in this role.

Love him absolutely,


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Love Never Dies will also be in this theater for 2 days only:

Feb 28th and March 7th. This is the movie version of the

Australia broadway showing. I don't really understand this

but I looked it up on line and that is what it said.

Love him absolutely,


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