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Gerard Butler GALS

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Hi there,

do any of you have any thoughts about us ever seeing this movie brought to the screen?

It was first spoken about in April 2003 at Cannes Film festival almost 9 years ago and for so many reasons - financial,script etc - it has languished.

There have been brief bursts of enthusiasm when Gerry has had a lot of publicity in films like POTO,300 and LAC but lots of lulls too.

He is busy with lots of other work and has had a whole list of other projects in line like :- Thunder Run, Hunter Killer, The Bricklayer, Afterburn,Pinkerton,Ha nging Tale, Teacher Man, The Garden of Last Days, Consent to Kill, and a Ridley Scott film about the mercenary Simon Mann.

Also each year that passes he gets older so I wonder if he will ever be Burns?

What are you thoughts?



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The last time someone asked Gerry about Burns I thought he said that he was still planning to do it. I don't remember when or where he said that but I got the impression that maybe they were finally close to getting it together.

Even if they don't make it in to a major film maybe they could consider a mini series for HBO. Don’t know if that would be any cheaper to make but the way things seem to go with the industry and getting films properly distributed it might be a good alternative to consider.

I think if they do it within the next five years, Gerry could still pull it off.


Wasn't there a complete script rewrite going on due to the problems with the last writer and his script?


The last script I heard of seemed like they were putting all the emphasis on RB's sexual conquests! I don't think that would do him justice as the creative genius he was.


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Thanks for your thoughts, I will stay positive and hope for the best.

I am glad that Gerry is so busy on other projects and l ook forward to seeing him next on the screen.

regards to all,


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