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Gerard Butler GALS

Godspeed Gerry!

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Just a few words to let you know that you are in my thoughts and prayers, as always. I SOOOO appreciate you and your goodness (and your goofiness), especially your positive effect on those around you...

This has nothing to do with Gerry the actor, but Gerry the human being with a big heart, warm smile and caring eyes!

I would like to join with all your loving fans in wishing you a speedy recovery and eternal happiness!

Please take care and take things ONE DAY AT A TIME! Don't be too anxious to get back on that high-speed train for Hollywood - your health is far MORE important than anything you'll find there!

You are one person, Gerry! Don't do everything; do what you can - Don't be something for everyone; be yourself and that should suffice for those who truly love you!

Much love, and many warm hugs coming your way!

Your Newfie Gal, Veronica <3

Veronica <3

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