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Gerard Butler GALS

Lots of Love to you Gerry

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My Dear Gerry ...

Look at all these beautiful letters of love and support. Look around Facebook and the rest of the internet and see how many lives you have affected just by being you. You are so loved and cherished - and not for your looks or movie star status. You are loved because you're YOU. With all the craziness that comes with being a Gerard Butler fan, there is nothing in the world any one of these ladies, and some guys, wouldn't do for you.

I'm a recovering drug addict; been clean 25 years as of last January. What you did takes every ounce of courage one can muster, and I am more proud of you today than I have been in the past 5 years of supporting you. I am proud to call myself one of Gerry's Girls. It affords me the luxury of making mistakes and being okay with it. You are one of those rare men who people can look up to for being real. Don't ever change. Don't let the pressures of your career and those "whaevers" that surround you make you feel like you have to live up to anything other than who you are.

We have a saying in the fandom - we love Gerry because he's perfectly imperfect. Baby, that has never been more true than today. Take time to heal and take care of you. The next movie will always be there, and so will I. Sad to say, but you can't get rid of me.

I do love you, and I respect you even more. Keep being perfectly imperfect. Stay true to yourself, and know that you are so loved.

Always in your corner,

Lisa Duncan

Porterville, CA

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