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I've always been intrigued with how we humans believe we can control or beat Mother Nature! After skiing for years and living high up in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado, I learned a valuable lesson that no matter what you do, Mother Nature will prevail and do so long after you've moved on to lower, tamer grounds!

So I was inspired by the feats of daring those who surf Mavericks, the battle between nature and humans! These people are like the "Top Gun" of surfers for sure, but sometimes unfortunately, they go down. Even though some have won, for now, some have not and you wonder if their day will come eventually if they keep challenging her. Even Gerry got a taste of the wrath!

After Gerry's encounter, I was inspired to express what Mother Nature might be thinking, if she could, when she see's those tiny humans on sticks daring her with their sport!


Who are these men of Mavericks be?

How dare they challenge the likes of me!

And ride my wave as if they’re fit

Then boast with whims to conquer it!

I’ve raise a blow with crushing speed!

My fist of fury they never heed!

Knowing not their fate's within my hand

Less significant then a grain of sand!

Let me show them who’s the bigger one!

With white capped swells from moon to sun!

They, with egos too big for their souls,

I laugh at their folly too wild for their goals!

May they all be damned! Such insanity!

And brought down to their knees with humility!

By the grace of God‘s might and divinity

I’ll remind them of their fragile humanity!

Even those wise enough to stay on land

Soon witness my wrath, when too closely they stand

My amusement to watch as they scramble around

As my mighty hand raises then crashes back down!

So go tell your tale of some manmade glory!

Laugh at my might as part of your story!

Then brag of your feats, cursed be your fate!

You’ll realize your foolishness when it’s too late!

For it is I who will win long after you’ve gone

With my moon and my stars and my sea with it’s song

My legacy holds no love for your plight!

You are nothing to me and will not win this fight!.

So, catch my wave and ride it high

And make believe you’ve touched my sky!

I’ll allow you to think that you’ve beaten me

Then long hold you down beneath MY sea!

Mavericks they call it, for their sporting games

In some act of ownership erroneous claims

Of human prowess over Nature’s rule

Will rue the day when proven them fool!


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