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3/7 - At the movies Review with some "New" Video

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At the movies Review with some "New" Video

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Review by Margaret Pomeranz

All is not well in Rome in Ralph Fiennes' adaptation of William Shakespeare's CORIOLANUS. The citizens are unhappy, hungry, disenfranchised. Caius Martius, RALPH FIENNES, is contemptuous. This fine soldier, a general, has fought many wars for Rome. He wages yet another bitter-fought campaign against the Volscian army in the city of Corioles where he comes face to face with his enemy Aufidius, GERARD BUTLER.

Returning to Rome he is dubbed Coriolanus and is encouraged to run for consul in the senate. But Martius' pride is a mighty thing and he is unable to engage with the general populace.

Exiled from Rome by machinations within the Senate, Coriolanus joins with Aufidius to plan a bloody revenge on Rome.

Ralph Fiennes, who has a terrific reputation in theatre in Britain, has embraced a contemporary world in this his debut film as director, with mobile phones, skype, television news reports and discussions, integrated into the action. To very good effect. I must admit I've never seen a production of Coriolanus or even read it. It is a play full of wonderful language, full of bloody deeds, and, in this case, full of wonderful performances.

VANESSA REDGRAVE is stunning as Martius' mother, JESSICA CHASTAIN delicate and heartwrenching as his wife. GERARD BUTLER is a revelation as Aufidius and BRIAN COX wonderfully solid as Martius' supporter in the Senate. Barry Ackroyd's cinematography adds to the chaotic tension of the piece.

This is dynamic Shakespeare, with a spectacularly flawed hero, played so well by the film's director.


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Posted Image I've been working so much and out of the G loop for awhile...but... this is mind-blowing! The whole concept of traditional Shakespeare speak (I LOVE Shakespeare)...and set in modern times...Gerry and Fiennes... dynamic and spectacular are almost understatements... I must see this film~soon! Edited by Trouble

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