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Gerry and the Press

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I am in a mood to vent this morning: I am so tired of the press at so many levels but especially the bashing that Gerry receives on a daily basis. I know it goes with the territory but it is relentless and now the main newsgathering organizations such as the AP and Reuters are picking up what bloggers write and without verifying they print their bashing and it is then picked up by the New York Times and other media outlets.

I have special words for the British press: This is one of your own, a boy makes good in the big wide world. And all you can do is bash him?

The heartening thing in all of this is Gerry's fans are not paying attention - if reading at all - the bashing that is going on. A great place to see this is on Youtube where new videos of fan affection are created daily.

Great Youtube Video

Vent over. Love ya Gerry!

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I feel your pain (most of us probably do). I used to respond in the comments sections of some of these publications, not only when it pertained to G but just because it galls me that any "reputable" news source would perpetrate crap without fact-checking. But it became a Sisyphean task. It never stops and if i can mix my metaphors, you plug one dyke, another springs a leak. This is a rant I've been on privately for some time. One "news" outlet picks something up and then it boomerangs all over the planet and becomes truth by repetition alone. It's one of the prices for free speech. We have a wide open internet and there are those who behave responsibly and those that don't. Gossip has always been a fact of life for those in the public eye, it's just more immediate now because of the web and the proliferation of social media outlets.

Just adding :2cents: in support.

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Thank you for your comments. One of the great things about this website is we are all together in our support of Gerry and he knows it.


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