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Gerard Butler GALS

GALS' Café Mystique - 2012 Virtual Con 'Meeting' place

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Dina! ((hug)

Tammy that's so sweet of you to dedicate a table to all of us! :metoyou:

Kathy :kisswink: thought that would add a little 'wake-up' factor...I'm still exhausted from staying up till almost 4am! I added the photo of Sam and Buff...is her screen name Donnachaidh/Burma? (too many nicknames for me to remember, LOL!) Thanks for passing Leslie's photo on for the Gallery!

We had the power company look at the line to the house, and they worked on some 'replacements' on the house/pole so we were w/o power for about 40 mins and I didn't have coffee to 'wake up...thus the handy Gerry :cunning:

Deb! Glad you got to 'catch up' on the feed!

Marg hope you can get to view them too.

More clevage screen-caps from Cannes here:

Posted Image Posted Image Posted Image Posted Image

:wuv:LOVED these photos. Reminded me of when he was on Conan while promoting "300".

I had a chest-level few and a private chuckle.

That audience didn't know what glory was sitting right in front of them :whome2:

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Enjoyed being in the chat tonight and last night. But once again it made me sad not to be there in person. The speeches given by Sam and everyone else were wonderful. What lovely bonds have been formed. Blessings to all...and thank you so much Holly, Barb and Stu for making the virtual Con possible.


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gals, I'm sorry the chat was a pain...it froze up on me several times, I even cleared my cache and cookies, and had to sign in to all the boards again...

and STILL had trouble. No idea what's up with that!?! LOL!

Kathy I do remember those photos...so cute!

Posted Image

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:thankyou: to all who made it work so us at home to be part of the wonderful festivities. It was a real night of Cheers and Tears to touch the heart.

Stuart, Holly and Barb: :bow2: you made it happen again for us with Virtual Con and it was almost like being there at the Convention with everyone.


Diane (Sham)

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I had to REFRESH my page a lot on Chat to get Chat back but I stayed until the very end. It was an emotional night last night and I enjoyed it all. I was amazed at the money amounts that were bid. Who says our economy is bad? LOL! I was pleased to see how much Sam and Lynn enjoyed themselves and how impressed they were with GBGALS.

~HUGS~ Kathy

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My friends Barb; Holly and Stu I cannot THANK YOU enough for all of your hard work and dedication in bringing the Virtual Convention to Life Posted Image.

It was sooo soooo nice to meet everyone! and I look forward to "talking" (or typing :p) with you. I've made new friendships that I am thankful for Posted Image

Gonna definitely have more kleenex on hand though for next year Posted Image(no worries I've got you covered my friend Kathy :) :) ) I did run out at the end and couldn't find where hubby put the new boxes; lol

Your all just absolutely AMAZING! Thank You so much for welcoming me; please know that I am here and if I can help; I will--I am never far--email--facebook--a phone call--twitter--a message here in the forums :)

and I ALWAYS have LOTS of Hugs!

Your new 'GAL' Friend,


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Thank you Diane, Kathy and Tammy...and to all who were able to join us via Ustream chat and here on Forum!

I will be posting the info on the 'door prize' drawings shortly...had to get my brain to 'wake up' from lack of sleep and info influx :bonk:

And for this afternoon, in honor of Holly's birthday, I share my little pressie for her! :drool1:

<embed type="application/x-shockwave-flash" wmode="transparent" allowNetworking="all" allowFullscreen="true" src="http://w14.photobucket.com/pbwidget.swf?pbwurl=http%3A%2F%2Fw14.photobucket.com%2Falbums%2Fa301%2Fbecozy78%2FGerry+fun+stuff%2F75570c31.pbw" height="240" width="320">

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Sorry about dipping out on the chat last night but whoooooo my back was killing me the last few days and I had to be drugged up and lay in the bed. Thanks for everything Barb

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Landa, I'm so sorry you were in pain and feeling so poorly! Hope you are fairing better today. :hug1:

I ducked in and out so many times to do screen caps, check tweets and emails, news, etc. I missed huge chunks of the chat...

It was fun to interact with so many of the GALS gals 'live', from Canada, UK, New Zealand and the U.S.! Truly a global community of FANmily


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Hello everyone .... :wave:

I'm a bit late to the party, but I hope that you're all having a good time. I've not been able to catch any of the Ustream broadcasts so is there any chance that there will be downloadable clips of Sam's speech and DeborahGG's talk at some point? It's about the only way that I'll be able to catch up.

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