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Gerard Butler GALS

BH and TUT Movie Chat. Starting tonight at 7.30pm EST !

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Tonight I am going to broadcast "The Bounty Hunter' followed by "The Ugly Truth" on my video channel on Ustream. If you want to join in chat during the movie you will need to sign up for a FREE ID on Ustream. This can be done at the following link -

Click Here

Then all you have to do is connect to the Scotsmanstuart Ustream Channel and join the crowd - Click Here

I look forward to seeing you over there.

Cheers. Stuart

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Dang, can't chat and watch at the same time, my phone can tether (which I did not know :bonk:) but the speed is too slow to do both. sigh. Hah, at least now I can post my journal entries/blog again, hard to believe it been 10 months without my own internet connection :faint:.

Sometimes life is...hard---ly worth freaking out about.

Enjoying the movie Thank You!

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