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Gerard Butler GALS

The First GALS...aaaaand What Brought You here?

Texas gramma

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On June 27, 2005 our Dr.Em (Dayna) and Susan~Sporran joined their newly founded GALS! Charter members who also joined on this day were zanyzombie, stagewomanjen and Perrin among others. The next day, our becozy (without whom most of us would be lost) and Co-founder Jennifer St. Giles, Bethy and Swansong were on board. Thank you to our founders and the pioneers who got this wonderful group started! You've change our lives, GALS!

Why did they start GALS? Well, here are a few reasons: :whome2: (oh yeah!) aaaand:

:attila2::attila: (he deserves two) :jackie::phantom::phantom2: (so does he) :drac::johnnie::archie::creedy::stranger::marek:

:ohbaby: That give you a clue?

We know what brought these great GALs here, but what brought YOU here?

Tell us your story.....


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I found GALS in Feb of 06. I had discovered Gerry in Timeline when I fell in love with Andre' Marek, but did nothing about my new heartthrob. Then I saw POTO - Oh. My. God! I googled this gorgeous Gerard Butler and found he was my Marek AND my Phantom!! - Oh joy! Google also had the web address of "another website" which I promptly joined. Time passes, and being an avid reader, I picked up a copy of "Touch A Dark Wolf' By Jennifer St. Giles. In the book, Jenni's description of "Jared" sounded just like Gerry - then she mentioned "If he had a Scottish accent...." I KNEW she was a Gerry fan. She even referred to Jared as looking like "Attila the Hunk". In my excitement, I jumped to "the other site" gushing about this fantastic author who was "one of us"!!! and telling everyone to run right out and pick up this fabulous book by this fabulous author!!! I GOT HAMMERED by the (insert name of a certain pastry here) and was told Ms. St. Giles was a co-founder of a "rival" site and I could just go to GALS if I was her fan.

C. U., I was outta there!

So I found GALS on Google and I found a FANmily. i was thrilled by the welcome I received from these GALS who soon became my sisters. GALS was warm and funny and so much fun. And they really "got" Gerry! GALS and I were an instant, perfect fit!

So, thank you Jennifer St. Giles for writing the book that lead me home - you rock, woman!


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What brought me here? :hmm:

Like so many of my sisters, I saw Phantom. It was in the spring of '05 at the begging of fellow GAL and my daughter LadyDonJuan. Long story short, I too dived into google to find out who this 'Gerard Butler' was. :whome2: *nods* Anyway, I too ended up on 'another site'. It was ok for a while, but I didn't really fit in with the masses there. I got involved in the SIWGWD (Scenes I Wish Gerry Would Do) crowd. We had a lot of fun! Then we were told by TPTB that our services were no longer wanted. OK FINE! I left, started a yahoo group and things went well for a time. It was one of the residents of The Apartment (that is what we called the group, due to Gerry just purchasing his NY loft and no one living in it. Hey, we needed a home, and Gerry's apartment needed tending! LOL), that told me about GALS. I came here and joined, but was not an active poster. I read lots of posts and found that *these* women were waaaay more my style!

I have not been back to 'the other site' since. I have made awesome and life long friends on this site. Thank you Dayna, Suuuusan, Jenni and Barb! Thank you to the Mod Squad and every individual GAL! Y'all make this on FANmily I am proud to belong to!!

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Well, I found Gerry when my dear SIL insisted

I should have this DVD she had just bought

( and seen... :cunning: )

*drumroll* POTO..... :wuv:

At the time both my youngest son and my DH sat down to see it as well.

Let's just say they had a ton of rather loud fun... :tantrum:

As soon as I had a moment FOR ME I saw the movie without interruptions and as the first time around I was SO into this character/Gerry. It was like a lightening bolt: :erik::reddeath2:

Suddenly I recognized ME again! :kiss:

I googled and tip-toed around to find out more and immediately found MY fanmily.

Gerry is great but my gals are beyond words. :drink:

Apart from the occasional breaks of this wonderful guilty pleasure ( will not go there... )

I have loved it ever since!

Warm hugs from me, the fledgeling newbie of mere since the summer of '06,

- Chastity Eva Mari :heat:

*gathers up nun skirt, blushing*

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I was a busy wife, mother, and RN, who never took time to watch TV, and only used the computer to check email once a week and play an occasional card game! I just happened to be in the room when a trailer for POTO came on the TV in Decemeber, 2004. I had never seen the play, so I told my daughter that I wanted to see that movie. She and I went, and I was totally and completely inthralled by the Phantom. :thud: When I got home, I HAD to find out who that actor was! My internet search, which my daughter had to show me how to do, led me to that other fan site. In retrospect, I can't believe it took me so long to get up the nerve to join, but I lurked there for 13 months before I joined, in January, 2006. Once I overcame my shyness about posting, I became quite active in the over-18 limericks area. I'm still a member there, and check in to see what's going on from time to time, but never really made strong attachments there, except for two friends I'm still in touch with.

I am one of the ones who joined GALS in the wake of the first Vegas convention in June, 2006. I didn't hear about GALS or the convention until it was too late, but I hurried over here to see what all the fuss was about, as you can imagine the other site was buzzing. :lalala: I joined and started posting that same day and have been here ever since! I was immediately and very warmly welcomed into the group and I quickly realized that GALS was really a lot of fun and full of gals just like me! :hehe: Gerry brought me here, but my gals keep me here! I'm not going anywhere! :igotgals:

Although my husband and daughter probably thought I had been abducted by aliens from outerspace when all this started, they later came to realize that GALS is good for me! Hubby even joined in as PAL Good Sport. Both he and our daughter, Erin, recently said that before I got involved with GALS, and even that other site, I never did anything for myself or went anywhere but work, Church, and family-related stuff. They say they're very glad I have my Fanmily! :drink:

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Me too! *nods to the point of almost breaking neck* And I LOVE the awesome Beo-signatures sported here... Awwww.... :wuv:

And the other ones - he is SO our muse... :cunning:

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