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7/25 - Chasing Mavericks Poster, Official site, Trailer

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Information about the key art in this poster:

SAS Studios Global http://www.sastudios...ases/?case=2921


SA Entertainment developed vintage-inspired main key art that evoked the feel of the surf culture's most infamous event Mavericks.


SA Studios


The art met all expectations and is expected to be a collector's edition.


Official Website up: http://www.livelikejay.com/

9/7/12: The official Chasing Mavericks website is nearly here. If you want to be part of the launch, start tagging your Chasing Mavericks posts on twitter, Instagram, and Pintrest with #LiveLikeJay

CHASING MAVERICKS is the inspirational true story of real life surfing phenom Jay Moriarity (played by newcomer Jonny Weston). When 15 year old Jay discovers that the mythic Mavericks surf break, one of the biggest waves on Earth, is not only real, but exists just miles from his Santa Cruz home, he enlists the help of local legend Frosty Hesson (played by Gerard Butler) to train him to survive it. As Jay and Frosty embark on their quest to accomplish the impossible, they form a unique friendship that transforms both their lives, and their quest to tame Mavericks becomes about far more than surfing. Chasing Mavericks was made with the help of some of the biggest names in the surfing world, and features some of the most mind-blowing real wave footage ever captured on film.

Official Site fully 'launched' 9/24


Movie/Promo Images here

Related Publicity (Print, On-Line) here

Chasing Mavericks Production Notes

Posted Image Posted Image Posted Image Posted Image Posted Image Posted Image Posted Image Posted Image

Chasing Mavericks Facebook updated:

Posted Image

Official Twitter

Trailers on Chasing Mavericks YouTube:

Trailer 1

<iframe width="560" height="315" src="http://www.youtube.com/embed/mpDFzSvZFKE" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>

Trailer 2 "Frosty"

<iframe width="560" height="315" src="http://www.youtube.com/embed/VE6syYxY1go" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>

"Making Mavericks" 10 min bts program

TV Promo spots for Chasing Mavericks

More Chasing Mavericks TV Spots

Index of Articles on Forum


see also:

Chasing Mavericks - Oct. 26, 2012 release - General Info -about the movie- links

IMDB release dates

Director(s) Kario Salem

Jim Meenaghan

Brandon Hooper


Gerard Butler, executive producer

Kathleen M. Courtney, associate producer

Curtis Hanson, producer

Brandon Hooper, producer

Georgia Kacandes, executive producer

Jim Meenaghan, producer

Alan Siegel, executive producer

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Taken from Wekipedia....how the waves came to be named :detect:

In early March 1961, three surfers, Alex Matienzo, Jim Thompson, and Dick Knottmeyer, decided to try the distant waves off Pillar Point. With them was a white-haired German Shepherd named Maverick, owned by a roommate of Matienzo. Maverick was used to swimming out with his owner, or with Matienzo, while they were out surfing.

The trio left Maverick on shore but he swam out and caught up with them. Finding the conditions too unsafe for the dog, Matienzo paddled back and tied Maverick to the car bumper before rejoining the others. The riders had limited success that day, surfing overhead peaks about 1/4 mile from shore, just along the rocks that are visible from shore. They deemed conditions for surfing the bigger outside waves too dangerous.

They decided to name the point after Maverick, who seemed to have gotten the most out of the experience. It became known as "Maverick's Point", and later simply "Maverick's".[1]

In the Special Features section of Riding Giants[citation needed], Jeff Clark mentioned that his little league coach would take the kids to surf the small waves of this same inside break, and stated that the coach used to refer to the break as Mavericks.

Jeff Clark, having grown up in Half Moon Bay, watched Maverick's from an early age from the campus of Half Moon Bay High School and on the rugged coastal shores of Pillar Point. At that time the location was deemed too dangerous to surf. He spent time watching the break, and conceived the possibility of riding Hawaii-sized waves in Northern California. One day in 1975, at the age of 17 and with the waves topping out at 20 to 24 feet (7.3 m), Clark paddled out alone to face Maverick's. He was successful, catching a number of left-breaking waves, thereby becoming the first person (documented) to tackle Maverick's head-on.

Other than a few close friends who had paddled out and seen Maverick's themselves, no big wave surfers believed in its existence. The popular opinion of the time was that there simply were no large, Hawaii-sized waves in California.[2] Yet Clark's classmates from Half Moon Bay High School often speak of cutting class on big surf days to sit on the bluff and watch Clark ride the giant waves alone.

Two of the next people to surf at Maverick's, on January 22, 1990 and in the company of Clark, were Dave Schmidt (brother of big wave legend Richard Schmidt) and Tom Powers, both from Santa Cruz. John Raymond, from Pacifica, Johathan Galili, from Tel Aviv and Mark Renneker, from San Francisco, surfed Maverick's a few days later.

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I LOVE "Riding Giants". My DVD doesn't have Special Features, but you can bet I'll find another copy now!!

(The part of the movie talking about Laird Hamilton is gold! Love it)

Note: Just ordered the Blu-Ray. Woot!!


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Trailer embedded in post in Butler News/Hot New Videos here

gbutts greatest london fan - sue grint if anybody outside the usa is having trouble finding chasing mavericks trailer, i have just found it on you tube. just type in gerard butler in chasing mavericks and its the first one, chasing mavericks official trailer (2012) - gerard butler. its brilliant and gbutt looks megahot as usual. the film looks great, just like gerry.

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:detect: Hey; it says that the Trailer is unavailable for my area?Oh okay I got it on youtube! By the way; who dies in the movie; the instructer or the student? It is based on a true story isn't it? Edited by may
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:detect: Hey; it says that the Trailer is unavailable for my area?Oh okay I got it on youtube! By the way; who dies in the movie; the instructer or the student? It is based on a true story isn't it?

Glad you found it okay on YouTube...

I embeded each in the first post in this thread

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:detect: Hey; it says that the Trailer is unavailable for my area?Oh okay I got it on youtube! By the way; who dies in the movie; the instructer or the student? It is based on a true story isn't it?


Just so anxious to see anything that Gerry B. has made. Last movies we saw and gave as gifts were Machine Gun Preacher and Coriolanus...seems like ages ago. Regarding Gerry B.'s accent. When first My hubby George and I saw DEAR FRANKIE, we had to watch it several times because of Gerry's thick accent. It seems a wee bit easier to understand him now...It has been since 2005 The Phantom of the Opera, that we first saw him...we have seen every movie he ever made, even the ones with him in them for a minute or so....he he he...We are long time fans...Phantom will always be our favorite because that is the movie that introduced us to wonderful, crazy Gerry B.

I bet you could find all his old movies on NETFLIX...haven't looked because we bought them all as they came out and passed them out over the years as gifts for family and friends...Can hardly wait for his new MOVIES...yipppy for Gerry and tons of good luck.

hug, old time fans, Donna Jean and George and our clan

P.S. PEIGI, and several of us are on Facebook as KNUCKLEHEADS...a small group...easier to communicate with smaller groups...I really don't go into the original GerardButler.net...can't find anything in there, but do enjoy this group GerardButlergals.com easier to communicate...anyway...we have a mall group of fans on KNUCKLEHEADS on facebook...just placing short messages every so often, that is all...DJ and Geo and clan I think the student dies, for a change Gerry doesnt die, thank goodness...he he he...

Edited by Donna Jean
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