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8/24 - Adrien Brody in negotiations for #GerardButler "Motor City"


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According to Variety, Adrien Brody is in negotiations to play the villain in Dark Castle's "Motor City" starring Gerard Butler.

Brody is replacing Gary Oldman who was originally on board to play the villain in the thriller, to be helmed by Albert Hughes.


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I'm sure Gerry would love to have his friend, Adrien, in this movie even though they will play enemies. He did it quite well with Jamie Fox and they are friends. Adrien Brody is a very good actor too.

~HUGS~ Kathy

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Mr. Rourke is still listed in the cast for Motor City. Don't know if that means he's final. But I think he's an outstanding actor but obviously not playing the main villian this time. I really didn't think he'd be right for that part anyway. Adrien will be much more suited to it and I love seeing Gerry and Adrien work together.


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The Playlist says it is not official, but that he has most likely dropped from the film like Gary Oldman and some other actors.

See last paragraph of the article below.

:erik: Erik's Ebony Eyes :phantom:


Source: The Playlist

Adrien Brody Takes Over Villain Role In 'Motor City'

by Kevin Jagernauth

August 25, 2012 9:32 AM

At this point, "Motor City" is more known for the revolving door of its casting process, and the actors who have come and gone on the project, than anything else. But now the picture is taking a new shape, with a brand new villain and, even more, an actual production schedule.

Variety reports that Adrien Brody now has the villain role previously assigned to Gary Oldman in the movie that has Gerard Butler currently attached to lead, with Albert Hughes directing. Penned by Chad St. John, the story follows a small-time crook who is framed and sent to jail, and then goes after the guys who put him there. But the big twist of the Black List script is that the protagonist apparently only has one line in the whole movie.

Believe it or not, this movie now has a start date of September 17th. No word yet on what happened to Mickey Rourke who just a couple weeks ago was said to be taking a part -- we presume he has since fallen by the wayside, joining the likes of Jake Gyllenhaal, Dominic Cooper, Jeremy Renner, Clive Owen, Amber Heard and Oldman who have all come and gone on the project. The film will also still need to find its female lead, but we presume word on that will arrive shortly. Will "Motor City" actually make it out the gate this time? It sure looks like it.

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I saw that and a few other 'reports', but none say that Adrien is confirmed or signed for the role. The Variety article states 'Adrien Brody is in negotiations to play the main adversary in Dark Castle's "Motor City," starring Gerard Butler.'

No confirmation in any other media. But I guess we'll find out soon enough as it is slated to start filming in a few weeks! :D



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