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Gerard Butler GALS

In This Life Long Ago


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In another lifetime, another place,

I sought comfort there, his warm embrace.

To close my eyes, and take solace in,

That I love him now as I loved him then.

To reach behind, then forward fast,

This present life becomes the past.

No dream nor memory will let it show,

That we were one, some time ago.

These visions swirl of rolling moors,

The black surf crashing rocky shores.

This ancient land, like home somehow,

Where I loved him then, as I love him now.

With stony castles, beyond they rise.

Time ravaged walls and stormy skies.

Make dark and ghostly features plead,

For time to fill their sovereign need.

The skirl yon mountains, pipes sweet refrains,

As thunder rumbles through pouring rains.

White clouds beneath them lay silent yet,

And washes clean with morning wet.

In hopes to meet along soggy glen.

Til hoof beats sound come on the wind.

He draws up rein to a halting slide,

And drops to Earth, here at my side.

Then walk with me, your hand in mine,

Along these] roads that intertwine.

Then stop to kiss me soft and long!

While wild hearts dance to love's sweet song.

It seems so clear, these visions seen,

Mirrored images through eyes of green.

Some timely past, I knew so well,

Those stories no one else can tell.

I know the answers lie within,

Each passing life, we live again.

But love's tender longing cannot wait,

So yearn in silence for hand of fate.

In some other life, some other place,

My love reflected within his face.

Ma bonny lad, I still luve ye so,

In this life and one long ago.


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Oh Delene! How I have missed your poetry! That poem is just so beautiful and touched my heart with your beautiful words. Thank you so much for sharing! Please write more, you are so talented!

~HUGS~ Kathy

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