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Gerard Butler GALS

#GerardButler on LIVE! 10/23


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I know!! :lol:

This is the quietest press junket/promo that I can remember in a loooong time! What's up with that?? :bonk:

I wonder if Gerry is getting tired of promoting a movie like crazy only to find that it isn't widely distributed. I do wonder about CM. It may only hit the West Coast.

~HUGS~ Kathy

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I would love to meet up with Marg and some of the others of my new Gerry friends but I don't know if I can arrange it. I'm going to try. I assume Gerry stops to greet his fans when entering? How do you get tickets to these shows?

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Mesmerized, you can't get tickets for Kelly and Michael...they give them out 6-12 mos. in advance. We go very early, around 5 am to wait on the standby line outside the studio. It depends on how many people show up that day that have tickets. I have gotten into the show twice before and only once I didn't. If Gerry leaves right away when he's done we may not get to see him leaving. It's a crap shoot. But since I live so near, I'm going to go. Plus it's great to get so many Gerry fans together.

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Oh, I love Kelly and Michael. I've been anxious to see how Michael and Gerry are together. Two very handsome and very funny guys.

BUT, I've also been anxious to see Gerry on Jay. He's always been on Jay...Jay loves Gerry. The only time that Gerry wasn't on Jay was during that writer's strike a few years back. Hopefully, Jay will get him on there in the next few weeks. Besides, Gerry would looooove to talk about his 'near tragedy' with Jay.

CAN'T WAIT TO SEE THE MOVIE LATER THIS MONTH!! Time for a new Gerry movie!


Luv Ya Gerry!

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