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Gerry Russian interview from golos-ameriki.ru

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Source: http://www.golos-ameriki.ru/content/hollywood-gerard-butler-interview/1540084.html?utm

Translated via Google Mail

Gerard Butler: "I suddenly realized that miraculously survived"

Hollywood actor spoke about filming a new movie, "Conquerors' waves in an interview with" Voice of America "

On Thursday, November 8 in the Russian hire out sports drama Michael Apted and Curtis Hanson's "Conquerors of the waves," based on the real life story of surfer Jay Moriarty (Jonny Weston). Gerard Butler played the role of mentor Jay - Curtis 'Frosty' Henson.

Playing the role of the iconic surfer Gerard Butler big risk, and really was a hair from death when conquered some of the biggest waves - Mavericks. But his record is that a few months of training, he learned not only the basics of surfing, who had never worked, and has mastered the art.

However, this film is not just about surfing, but also about human relationships and the meaning of life. But Butler was not only the star of the film, but also its executive producer. Russian Service correspondent for "Voice of America" ​​Galina Galkina met with Gerard Butler at the Four Seasons in Beverly Hills.

Galina Galkina: What appealed to you most about surfing: the ability to get in touch with nature or high adrenaline from the constant risk?

Gerard Butler: And then, and more. When you are on the crest of a wave, then you experience unusual feelings reunion with nature, and the need for a rapid response because of the constantly changing situation unwittingly increase the content of adrenaline. So that you feel at the top of bliss, so it is natural that you want to re-experience such sensations. I would say that on the wave you feel that this is the best thing that ever happened to you in life. (Laughs).

GG: And you were scared - well, just scared to death?

DB: When I signed up for this film, I realize that I have to spend a lot of time in the water, and often with the sharks. And that surfing requires a lot of dedication. But I just thought that I understood it as an attempt at the sport only once, when 17-year-old came to California to visit my cousins, and they took me with him to surfing. I felt like, perhaps, a cow on ice, despite the fact that they and their friends were like fish in water. I never surfed. So, I'm not very good idea of ​​what to expect, and I tell you honestly, that some times wanted to stop shooting.

GG: What do you value in life the most?

DB: The ability to experience a sense of wonder of life, its charm. That's why I take my films such as "Conquerors waves." This film is full of wonders. This is a beautiful story.

GG: Did you meet with Curtis Hanson and he helped you get into character?

DB: Yes, I met with Hanson, and spent a lot of time with him. But I did not try to imitate him. He and I are completely different people, and I'm not going to copy it in the film. For me it was important to understand its nature and to pass it. He is optimistic, cheerful person, like a wave and like to share their experiences with others. He likes the sound of his own voice. (Laughs). But he has a really unique experience surfer and his approach to learning to surf. I am very grateful for the help, and also glad that I was lucky to meet a man like him.

GG: He told you about Jay Moriarty?

DB: It is said that Jay was a great guy. As you know, he died in 2001 during a single dive around the Maldives. Frosty but he was in those days as a tiger - angry, short-tempered, and teaching the subtleties in dealing with children and young people were not familiar to him. Therefore, it was often too harsh with Jay, for which he became a mentor. Frosty but now much more gentle and easygoing person, though, by his own admission, a miss for the way he was in his youth.

GG: In many a dangerous scenes you shot yourself, or in scenes filmed surfing stunt?

DB: In most scenes I shot myself, and stunt helped me only when they were very big waves Maverick - They have seen only a few frames of the film.

GG: What really happened on the set, when called "fast" and you are taken to the hospital?

DB: I covered the big wave and I do not have time to come up to the surface, as it arrived in time for the next. Interestingly, the day before we were just discussing this situation with the coordinator of the movie and an expert on the big waves Grant Washburn. He said: "Sometimes the ocean will keep you on the bottom. But you have to imagine, as if someone takes you by the shoulders and pulls the surface. I hope that you will not have experienced this. " But I had to try it out, and I can tell you honestly that this is not the most pleasant experience. (Laughs).

GG: You continue shooting after the incident?

DB: It was almost the last day of shooting surfing. After the incident, I was not feeling about an hour - I was in the car, where I have a "first aid". But then I wanted to get back into the water and dosnimayut that no time. But I was told that I should go to hospital for checks. But the next day, when I got out of the hospital, then it is not in a hurry to shoot. It happened because I was experiencing what happened and realized that really was on the verge of death, and that, in fact, miraculously survived.

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