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Gerard Butler GALS

11/9 - #GerardButler's #OlympusHasFallen gets an Official Poster!


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Here's a look at the poster with the April 5, 2013 release date http://www.gbgalsgal...llen_2.jpg.html

Posted Image

sue grint - gbutts greatest london fan - really love this poster, and am really looking forward to this film. it looks like its going to be another 2009

when in the uk we saw three of gerrys films within months of each other. it was gamer, the ugly truth and lac, and now its going to be chasing mavericks, playing the field and olympus has fallen. im not complaining, although there are big gaps sometimes in waiting for a gerry film to watch and it would be nicer if we could see him more regularly, but i dont mind them coming along in a clump if they have to.

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You know what's odd about this poster is that they don't list Gerry, Aaron Eckhart of Morgan Freeman, except in the very small print.


I'm guessing it's a prototype or printer's hold of the final...

It IS from the Millenium Films site, so it's got authenticity going for it ;)

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I like it but for too much whites of his right eye. Looks weird.

I love him like cash, but I'm not too sure I'll see this one. It's too personal on two levels. Hope it's a hit for him! He needs it!

Other than that this looks like a big blockbuster and HE is the star despite its more starts than the Milky Way in it!

So is Thunder Run to start filming soon? What's up with that? Sam get the start-time set back?


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Proportion is a little off by whoever edited/did the picture. The shame of photoshopping! haha. Ah well, anything is better than having one eye open and the other is closed. Like what mine do when i'm driving on a sunny day. (Yes, i drive with one open eye... and i still manage not to kill people or myself-been driving since 2009. tee hee)


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