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Ellen clip Gerry Talks meeting another Gerry Butler


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Life is never boring for Gerard Butler, and during his interview on the " Ellen DeGeneres Show," the "300" hunk shared an interesting tale.

Explaining that he always takes road trips after his films wrap, Gerard told DeGeneres that his latest adventure with his friend Freddy included a stop at a special dentist office.

Butler began, "We were in North Carolina, and we stopped at a 7-11 to get some refreshments, and we looked across the road. I said, 'Do you see what I see?' And there was a dentist named Gerry Butler." "So me and Freddy went across the road and Freddy knocked on the door and said, 'Hi we have an appointment with Gerry Butler.' And [the receptionist] asked, 'Who are you?' and I stepped forward and said, 'I'm Gerry Butler!'"

"And I went in and met Gerry Butler the dentist, which was actually a big honor for me to meet him."


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