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‘Playing For Keeps’: 5 Reasons To Go See It

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‘Playing For Keeps’ is a fun, romantic comedy that everyone should go see this holiday season!

Gerard Butler, Jessica Biel, Catherine Zeta-Jones, Dennis Quaid and Uma Thurman all star in Playing For Keeps, a fun, soccer movie that sees Gerard in one of his most likable roles to date. HollywoodLife.com was invited to the premiere by Open Roads Film and Film District, so check out our five reasons to go see it. Plus, watch the trailer!

Our top five reasons to go see Playing For Keeps.

#1 Gerard Butler is often topless:

Gerard takes his shirt off a lot in this movie, and he looks good! He plays the former soccer star George Dryer, who once played for Scotland but now resides in suburban Virginia. He is washed up and unemployed until he finds himself coaching his son’s soccer team, and as a soccer coach he is required to take his shirt off. Often! Gerard’s toned torso is a highlight of the movie.

#2 Judy Greer is hysterical:

Judy Greer plays one of the many soccer moms who wants to get into George’s pants. And will she succeed? I won’t tell you! But her neuroses and tears at the thought of dating turns her role as a supporting character into a starring lead. Plus, she makes online dating look like a lot of fun, instead of the scary thing that it is perceived to be.

#3 Iqbal Theba and his “accent”:

Iqbal Theba is best known to most people as Principal Figgins in Glee, but in this movie he plays George’s tired landlord, who does not have the same success with the ladies as George, even though he “has an accent too.”

#4 Gerard’s love pentagon:

In the movie, viewers minds will be boggled by all the ladies George is romantically involved with! I don’t wanna spoil too much, but George is linked to all four leading actresses. Which one will he end up with? You will have to go see the movie to find out!

#5 The Ferrari:

George spends a considerable amount of time in this movie driving Dennis’s Ferrari and its awesome! For all the girls who are thinking about dragging their boyfriends to the film, at least there will be something for them to feast their eyes on — and I don’t mean Gerard’s torso!


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Saw PFK's last night and loved it! There was actually a few people applauding afterwards! It was a lovely story and well acted by all!


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I agree - I love the movie. Watched it twice - will go again. It's a good, good movie. Nice to see this article - thanks for posting.


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