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Gerard Butler GALS

Video: Gerry arriving in Norway


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TO VIEW VIDEO go to their link: http://www.seher.no/...-butler-i-norge

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Translation of Print Article accompanying video:

SEOGHØR.NO: Tuesday night manager Gerard Butler (43) Nobel Peace Prize Concert in Oslo, along with Sarah Jessica Parker.

Early Sunday morning country film star at Gardermoen.

Seoghør.no was present when Butler entered the Norwegian soil, and with the thermometer creeping far down it was a surprised and happy star who received the Watch and Accessory traditional cardigan.

- I'm looking forward to the concert absolutely. It is amazing. What have I got as a gift anyway? asks the star and refers to the cardigan.

- It is a traditional jumper that will keep you warm in Norway match Watch and Accessory reporter.

- Thanks, yes, I think I'm about to experience the Norwegian cold, says Butler and looking out at the snow-covered landscape.

On board is Butler's new model girlfriend Madalina Ghenea (25). The two went together into the arrival hall at the airport, but the beauty tried to hide when she realized that the press was present.

The couple have been together for seven months, but the relationship has shielded from the public, and it is very rarely the two shows together.

Butler spoke for the first time about Madalina during an interview with Jay Leno at the beginning of December.

- It's been seven months now, but there is no record, everything heartthrob would reveal.

Gerard and Madalina told to See and Hear that they will pick up some Norwegian interest during the visit to Norway.

- Yes, I would like to go sightseeing if I have time for it, perhaps as early as today, said Butler to Seoghør.no.

This is not the first time Butler is in Norway . In 2009 he was in Oslo to promote the movie "Law Abiding Citizen". At the time he created havoc in the capital's streets, and hundreds of fans had gathered to catch a glimpse of the actor.

- I love Norway. I was here at Christmas two years ago and visited a friend and spent some time here. I love the Scandinavian countries, I have been much in Sweden. And I made a movie in Iceland where I played a viking. And I'm Scottish, so we are all half Vikings yet, Butler said the Seoghør.no then.

On stage during the Nobel concert are stars like Kylie Minogue (44), Jennifer Hudson (31), Ne-Yo (33).

Concert on TV all over the world, and artists' performances when potentially out to 350 million households - in between 80 and 120 countries.

Become a fan on Facebook here Seoghør.no

Fan Photos from Social Media in the Gallery-more will be added as available. : Fan Photos » Norway - Dec. 2012

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It was nice to just see him sauntering along and relaxing. No rush, rush that you see so often in an airport. His face was so funny as he was processing that the woman was with the press. She got a short interview but it's kinda sad that they videotaped he and the entourage all the way to the car. If all that footage is what was actually broadcast on their news then they need more excitement in Norway!

I too hope they get some peace and quiet to sight see. I'm not a fan, or a hater, of his girlfriend and won't discuss any of that here. I just want Gerry happy and at peace. It's for him to decide the road to that end.

I still can't believe he finally met ME on Wednesday and didn't dump her though! He could have a 51 year old, chunky woman with life experience instead! Men. Humph. Posted Image

Anyway, have fun in Norway Gerry. I'm looking forward to seeing you host this concert!

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The "journalist" was a rep for a low quality mag in Norway and I'm deeply ashamed that he/they was/were pestered like that..

The "exclusive" interview is a mix of a few actual words and quotes from what he said last time he visited.

Luckily the woman I don't know who was whisked him away...

At least he got a great knit wear! ;) And there has been none of this on actual news of course!

On the other hand the Norwegian Broadcast is heavily promoting the concert coming up and there he is in a nice still!

Hugs all around :)

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Seven months eh? awe... well, i wish them luck. As much as i hate to admit things, but i'm jealous and i shouldn't be. that's probably the longest i've heard him be in a relationship.

now, an epic pit has developed and i think it's going to lead to some crying. I need to keep jealousy at a minimum because i'm just a normal gal whose hurting extremely for this man. Icky.... just some thoughts as the snow falls here.


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